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shadows – song

September 28, 2013

in the darkness of the night
beneath a duvet all of white
our hands recited sonnets on our skin

our faces can’t be seen
whispering words we’ll never mean
I ask if I will see you once again

come and stay with me while the stars move like tears across the sky
come and lay with me till the morning when it’s time for dreams to die

we know that come the dawn
I’ll arise to find you gone
wondering of the power of our dreams

faint perfume in the the air
a strand of auburn hair
traces of a love that’s all but gone

come and stay with me while the stars move like tears across the sky
come and lay with me till the morning when it’s time for dreams to die


From → poetry

  1. I noticed a comment about the lack of a pickup truck in this one, and I was reminded of a song I wrote (I’ll have to see if I can find it) about the same situation in your song, but the guy woke up to find the gal still there, but his pickup was missing. Talk about a broken heart!
    I like it, Bill. Has country hit written all over it! Well… you might need to add some rain, a train, and maybe mention mama. hmmm… perhaps a contemporary number? Michael Buble?

    • Yes, maybe a segment about if you have a pickup truck you always have friends who want to move furniture or manure.

      It’s one thing to lose your girl, but to lose your truck…

  2. The parting – bittersweet and beautiful.. to write sonnets on the skin… wow… really well done Bill

  3. Beautiful.

  4. I am just gobsmacked with the talent of you all. BW this is so beautiful, I can’t even pick a favourite line, they are all… *sigh*

    • You are very kind – poems help blur the memories of youthful folly – In this case that’s all we salvaged from so far far ago.

      Aren’t the offerings excellent for this prompt?

  5. oh it’s sad when they cannot stay together…the hands reciting sonnets on the skin…nice

  6. The ultimate compliment – it reminded me of “I’ll Be Seeing You” and I think that’s the best song ever written. Harry Connick says it’s THE perfect song. This begs to be sung by a great voice.

    • Thanks – it’s fun to be a songwriter for a day and to dream of hearing your words sung.

  7. come and stay with me while the stars move like tears across the sky
    come and lay with me till the morning when it’s time for dreams to die

    The highlights of this song and as a whole the song is so beautiful:)

    • thank you – love doesn’t always end the way we wish, does it. I am glad you liked the words.

  8. I really heard this as a romantic ballad…Sinatra or Tony Bennett.

    • Man — Tony Bennett, what a great artist — thanks !!

      He had a biography out some years ago, it was a compelling tale if you like that kind of story.

  9. Love the romantic and longing tone of this, Bill. The refrain/chorus is beautiful. No, don’t need anything about a pickup truck in this…

  10. THIS is a really lyrical song/poem. I love this: “our hands recited sonnets on our skin.”

    • thanks – my favorite line is – beneath a duvet all of white – it seems so visible in my mind. appreciate your comment

  11. hanna permalink

    great contrast between the body of the song and the refrain.
    You hum it – I’ll play it 😉

  12. I like the refrain, though the parting is bittersweet ~ Lovely aubade ~ 🙂

  13. i like the remnants of them on the waking…hopefully a bit more than a dream…the longing is there…and a nice chorus…

    i thought you were taking a month off…glad you still graced us with this…

    • tapering down… no new posts, I wrote this a bit ago, but everyone likes to stop in at the bar. 🙂

  14. I would add another verse about a pickup truck…pretty cool poem song!

    • you mean like:

      with you my foot’s always on the gas
      and my hand upon your ….. shoulder 🙂

  15. Very nice! You have captured some moments nice to enjoy though you know they will not be repeated. I really like the refrain.

  16. Well done, Bill.

    • thanks VB, always wanted to write a song — looks like it would be country western, so I might have to add a verse about a pickup truck 🙂

  17. What a dream — lovely.

    If I were a little naughty, I would ask – is there a new dream every night 😉

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