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doors – friday fictioneers

September 27, 2013

Dad, what’s that in the field.

Risks, or opportunities.

You mean chances?

Well, as you grow up you will have many choices. Some will be good, full of promise. Some will be bad with horrible consequences. You must determine which doors you go through.

Can I just look in them?

Once you open a door it is very hard to go back, and if you pass one up, you may never find it again. We often pass up good opportinities because we are afraid.

How will I know?

Well, for now listen to me, and soon enough you’ll just know.

  1. “We often pass up good opportinities because we are afraid” – thats so true! Fear is often the worst advisor…

  2. Very good advice… loved the symbolic take you took in this.

  3. “That’s John”, complained his wife. “Always starts something but never sees it through. That’s the third house he started building for us.”

    “Perhaps he dropped out of carpentary school after attending the door-module.”

    “That’s John!”

  4. Great, Bill! Opportunities are ALWAYS around. Even at this age in my life. Fun stuff.

  5. Dear Bill,

    I hear your voice in this tender and heartwarming piece. Well done.



  6. Dear Bill,

    This sounds dangerously close to truth. A conversation with one of your daughters, perhaps? In any case nicely written. I could sense the father’s love. 😉



  7. So true, Bill. Chances or missed opportunities. I like to think we find the door again, but probably not. Nice take.

    • windows of opportunity open – and we need to seize them. At some companies if you refuse to relocate, you are never promoted.

      Sometimes, if we don’t say I love you, we never get the chance.

      and evil acts always have consequences which cannot be predicted.

  8. Wise man, your father. Nicely done, Bill.

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