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on aging

the gift of age
dances in unexpected freedom
from the perfect norm


monsoon – dverse

When she died
Though duty bade me mourn
The monsoon never came

stars – noku

brilliant stars guided
intrepid men and women
even beyond the clouds

almost a haiku

legacy – noku

Almost a haiku…

Breadcrumbs of ourselves
Lead our children’s children’s child
to be more than we

dverse – taste

Taste conjurers memories
Red wine, dinner, bright red lips
Sharing for dessert

black and white dverse

We were grey
Children who grabbed toys
Hooted, hollered
Delighted in the mud, the mess
More was marvelous
We were grey
For we didn’t see
In only black and white


Down past Folly Ranch borders
Where the Little Goose stream runs
The horses all walk faster,
Anticipating home

There among the willows
Where moose are apt to graze
Sprang forth an innocent child,
Discovery in his eyes

The horses danced and whinnied
As we tried to calm them down
And the cow moose came to challenge us,
And bravely stood her ground

The calf he was just friendly
We couldn’t get around
And every time we circled
He tried to chase us down

So much for the shortcut
We turned the horses away
From mother moose protecting
The calf who liked to play