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philosophy – dverse

July 16, 2015

I cannot explain quantum entanglement
Or the unified theorem Einstein sought
But I know each day brings a chance to be
Good, honorable, just
Though I will fail over and over again.

Pascal wagered we have a soul
and to live as though the ends
justify the means is not for me.
Someone once left a pebble of kindness in my path,
Perhaps one day I’ll be able to pass it on.


From → dverse

  1. better to pass a stone than throw one…. ~

  2. Yes, maybe it is not as complicated as we think.
    I really enjoyed this. 🙂

  3. I too love the first and final two lines, but I really understood and related to the sentiment:
    Though I will fail over and over again.

  4. passing on pebbles… yes, we should and you have today with your thoughtful poem.

  5. Sweet — very sweet. I agree, Pascal’s wager is riddled with the ridiculous.
    So clear
    but deceptively enticing to so many.

  6. I hope you are able to pass on that pebble of kindness…if we all did that imagine the impact it would have..I know I have failed at times..hey you just keep trying…one day at a time..

  7. Yes, each day does bring a chance to be good….we have to find those times & live that good each day.

  8. I LOVE this, especially “someone once left a pebble of kindness in my path”…I am sure you have already passed on many pebbles, especially through your poems.

  9. Yes!Those pebbles, too easily overlooked. Must remember to pass them on…
    Thank you for this.

  10. I would say that you’ve already passed the pebble on to others 🙂
    The type of poem that makes a person feel good to read it … thoughtful, flows well, and it speaks of kindness and life. 🙂

  11. Very nice. I would say that you’ve already passed along that pebble of kindness. I know you have passed it to me in comments on my blog more than once. The great thing about this particular pebble is that when you pass it along, you still have it to pass along again. Peace, Linda

  12. Ah.. giving.. totAlly satisfying
    giving can be giving
    that lasts forever
    in satisfaction
    love we take
    with us is
    we are
    but possible
    with practice..
    uses or lose..
    as in all
    IS doing NOW..:)

  13. oh so cool to start small… just a pebble

  14. Science, religion, philosophy triy to explain life. But, we know it through human experience especially when those stones of kindness are passed on.

  15. Paying it forward.


  16. Someone once left a pebble of kindness in my path,
    Perhaps one day I’ll be able to pass it on.

    I like the idea of passing on kindness.. excellent write 🙂

  17. last two lines are my favorite…

  18. I’ll wager a lot of Bill pebbles have been given away. And you are right, love is unequal. As long as WE don’t give less, it’s good.

  19. Are we going to talk about the fact that I found your poetry blog, Bill? Or should I see my therapist to discuss your awesomeness? And… as for unbalanced equations, one thing I learned from calculus is that there are sometimes many different ways to prove that both sides balance out.

    • I’m so glad you found it, poetry like fine wine is always better shared.

      • Thank you. To say you’re immensely talented is an understatement.

        • You’re very kind – I hope you feel free to browse – and I’m always looking for discussion.

          • Really? I’m still trying to digest it all. Thank you very much. I feel immensely unqualified but I will continue reading until I have words. x

            • I’ve discovered one of the best ways to enjoy solitude is to write poetry and wait for someone to stop by to read it, so it’s just nice to be read.

  20. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    If greeted by frowns, by indifference, give away a smile. & it will be the ice breaker, the pebble stuck on the iron heels. Where the fairy dust of kindness is dispersed though, the fingerlings of reciprocity blossom. If love is the universal common denominator, & it is, then remember that the love you get should be equal to the love you give.

    • Hi Glenn – I think learned a long time ago that love is an unbalanced equation… but that’s alright with me.

  21. I adore the opening line. That and the last two lines are my favorites.

  22. Pass that pebble of kindness….life is to be lived, even if we fail at it again and again ~

  23. Sounds like a powerful pebble!

  24. I am less concerned with the end as I am the means – or the journey
    between here and there. The end – is already assured.
    I would bet you can (or have) given that pebble away to today –
    there is so much opportunity.

  25. each of those little pebbles of kindness makes the world a bit a better place… too often i fail as well – but each day is a new day and with it the chance to give, to smile, to love… smiles

  26. I think you just did – this was gloriously, modestly wonderful. Loved

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