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words – dverse

July 14, 2015

quiet memories
fade as miles roll gently by
children a nation’s hope


From → dverse

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    This has everything!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Bravo on this beautiful haiku, Bill! As parents and grandparents we invest our time, attention, and love…of course 🙂

  4. thefeatheredsleep permalink

    Nailed that observation so nicely

  5. I heard someone say yesterday that this is the “lost generation”–so I’m glad to read a more hopeful note here. God bless you!


  7. Less is more, as evidenced yet again in your poem re education.

  8. Triple threat – wonderful and packs a mighty punch. I work with teens in my Sunday School class. I never begrudge the time spent with them as they are our future and they return my small investment a hundred times over.

  9. This puts me to shame. We should all aspire to bringing positive change to the world.

  10. This is such a great reminder that there is such great purpose in parenting. Not just guiding, teaching, and disciplining, but also loving, nurturing, and investing.

    • Specifically our time, attention, and interest. Listening as much as, if not more than, we talk.

  11. This took my breath away–I work a lot with teens–and feel their hope and their potential everyday in my studio–there is so much truth in your piece for me–

  12. Beautiful. Your words are packed with who you are and your greatest hope. Lovely.

  13. I am speechless – well done! Such a brief poem – yet packs a lot of depth. The counterpoint between the first and last line is beautifully done.

  14. Whoa! Such depth in such few words! Inspired 😀

  15. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Bang on, sir, & yet as a former teacher, husband to a woman still teaching, I am livid that Education has become a red-headed stepchild to our legislators; cut budgets, no cost of living increases for years, overcrowded classes, & on & on; but as parents, hell yes, we need to pick up the slack.

  16. I love this poem. The last line breath-taking and wonderful.

    • thanks Charlie – looking forward to learning more about you.

      • Well, I have not posted anything related to the dVerse prompt.

        I just post my own. Plus, I’m no longer participating with dVerse anymore. For reasons I can’t not say. However, I will be reading a few poets. Also, I now post my poems Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You should read my 2 recent poems.

        • I am sorry you no longer participate. I enjoyed your poems but thank you for letting us know when you post!

  17. Power packed into three pregnant lines. Intense and meaningful, Bill.

  18. children are a nation’s hope – most def. – and we have to invest in them – i agree – give them love, education, teach them how to think and to respect others

  19. I love the last line Bill ~

  20. Wow. You went all kinda micro – only using 6 other words than your orignal list.
    Children are a nation’s hope – but we have to invest in them, imho.

    • what investment do you feel is most important ?

      • Well, we can not leave them to their own – as is the modern way of raising children, which I believe is a pendulum swing back from strict upbringing. I think the educational system is a bit antiquated these days and does not provide what is needed to survive after school. I think more life skills are needed, or the traditional subjects should be taught in context. I think too that more specific skills should be taught at an earlier age than college. We have to keep in mind that in the past many went to college much earlier than we do now so they were gaining those skills earlier in life. I think too we need to give them room to be creative and come up wiht new ideas.

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