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monsoon – dverse

June 23, 2015

When she died
Though duty bade me mourn
The monsoon never came


From → dverse, haiku, poetry

  1. With time comes understanding, and then, perhaps, the monsoon will hit. Excellent, Bill.

  2. sreejaharikrishnan permalink

    Oh this is so somber….short and sharp…

  3. I understand.

  4. powerfully stated

  5. This reminds me of a very interesting story…..there is a profession in some of the tribes in India, who are paid to cry at funeral of riches. I read a very heartfelt story about them once.

  6. Ah.. grief.. a rain with no rules
    inside.. oh.. grief.. a rule of showing
    outside.. but grief.. a way of
    living Monsoon sadness
    to each as own..
    a heArt

  7. Excellent!


  8. Wonderful haiku – and catches a ”truth” of emotion.

  9. Brilliant. So few words, so much said.

  10. It takes huge amount of courage to really stop the monsoon from coming. But then, we are just as fragile as the leaf to escape the monsoon from touching our skin. Eventually it will hit us & we can only let ourselves be carried away, be surprised to what will emerge & remain after.

    • You’re right – some burdens are too harsh to bear – sometimes we swallow our sorrow.

  11. It took me years to mourn my father, but then, the monsoon did come and I wondered if I would drown. Beautiful and stunning piece.

  12. Sometimes I think the pain is too much and we refuse to let that first tear drop as we somehow know we will never stop..I am a weeping willow so my emotions seem to overwhelm me at times as I allow myself to feel and cry, but for others it can be hard.

  13. Lila permalink

    Some pain is too deep to let yourself feel.

  14. So full of intensity & depth! Well done.

  15. tamekamullins permalink

    I have experienced this and seen others experience it. An economy of words, but the depth of meaning is vast. Great writing!

  16. WOW, that’s a stunner (good).

  17. That ending gave the monsoon an emotional character ~ I love the short but sharp lines ~

    • thanks – to me the monsoon is almost a rebirth – sometimes we cannot be reborn… what a powerful metaphor it is.

  18. that reminded me of when my dad died – really – it is tough but sometimes it’s just like that

    • yes, some things pass in unexpected ways. I’m always glad when you stop by Claudia – have you ever seen a monsoon ?

  19. Oh I love the mystery here.. what’s not told is often the most important in a poem. Great way of using the monsoon here Bill.

    • Thanks, I’ve never experienced one… I think I’d like to be in that part of the world when the rains came.

  20. This says so much with so few words. But what I really want to know is how you knew what the dVerse prompt was going to be so long before it was posted in my neck of the woods? Peace, Linda

  21. Hard.

    It leaves open to interpretation the why
    you did not mourn.

    We have raised a generation(s)
    of those that feel it is strong not to cry.


    On the surface, there may be those I think
    I would not cry for, if they died. But I wonder,
    if the loss of life still would not get me
    in the end.

    Effective for so short a verse.

  22. Evocative wording here, Bill.

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