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June 3, 2015

Down past Folly Ranch borders
Where the Little Goose stream runs
The horses all walk faster,
Anticipating home

There among the willows
Where moose are apt to graze
Sprang forth an innocent child,
Discovery in his eyes

The horses danced and whinnied
As we tried to calm them down
And the cow moose came to challenge us,
And bravely stood her ground

The calf he was just friendly
We couldn’t get around
And every time we circled
He tried to chase us down

So much for the shortcut
We turned the horses away
From mother moose protecting
The calf who liked to play


From → dverse, poetry

  1. A very well written poem, with the most charming imagery!
    Thank you , Bill! _Resa

  2. This is exactly why I love living in the West–horses just across the street from our development that’s in a mostly rural area by the desert. No moose, but deer and we had a bear come into the neighborhood last year–thanks to the drought and the ever-increasing expansion of homes into their territory. I’m afraid that’s only going to get worse with Tesla coming to town.

  3. i’m a mom myself so i def. understand the need to protect the kiddos… smiles
    some shortcuts can turn out rather weird – ha

  4. I guess, because mothers are protective, the species survives ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely slice of life.

  5. Ah.. the curiosity of the young of nature.. and the motherhood of protection..
    that runs strong with love.. of nurturing wild and free with safety..:)

  6. Very cute, but also quite scary. The mother moose can be a formidable enemy if she think her calf is threatened.

    • yes – luckily we were on horseback, but I agree you don’t want to mess with a moose. Which is why we headed back – the little one kept trying to come up to us. Quite funny, we had our two young girls on horseback with us – so both of us protecting our young.

  7. This is delightful (although the experience itself might have been quite frustrating at that time for those concerned). ๐Ÿ™‚ But this lovely poem makes up for it, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, it was quite dangerous, if the mother had charged us – we might have had a rodeo and someone getting stomped. But it’s a nice adventure.

  8. How delightful Bill ~ I can understand the mother being protective about her son ~ Thanks for joining in and wishing you happy week ~

    • she was very fierce – but it’s understood. A fun juxtaposition curiosity and fierce protection

  9. Bravo!!!! I can just see this story unfolding and it is so very charming. The child in me is awed and the adult is awed. You pleased both of us with this.

    • thanks – I can say this, you don’t want any part of a mad mamma moose.

      • Mad mama pigs are deadly too….

        • I never knew that.

          • Oh yeah. And if you fall down while you are feeding them, you might lose a digit or limb cause you could get ‘et…lol for truth.

            • I guess I’m not a pig guy, except for bacon…

              • And barbecue…..

                • ha! How could I forget that.

                  • How anyone can forget bbq is something this old NC girl cannot imagine. “SO called pulled pork” appears to be one of the “new” and ubiqitous foods around now, but growing up in the South, it has always been in style and in NC, all day long eating affairs called pig pickin’s in the summer are the norm. If a person isn’t invited to at least two, then one is a known vegetarian and not asked! I thjnk I’ll post my Pig Pickin’ cake and Peach Cobbler recipes because it is that time of year…

                    • According to my girls, I only cook hot dogs and cake – but I’ll turn the recipes over to the “boss” ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Nothing wrong with cake!!!!! I’m the boss at this house and my husband happily rolls over goes along. He loves hotdogs but I don’t allow them on a regular basis. He knows for every burger or hot dog cooked, there will be payback in the form of a salad or green veggie.

  10. I love this slice of nature you brought us from Folly Ranch and Little Goose stream, would make a great nursery rhyme or book!

  11. Baby moose are so cute! I love the line “So much for the shortcut.” At least in trying the shortcut you were blessed to see the playful baby. Peace, Linda

    • Yes, that was a good moment. Once my wife and her father saw a big bull moose and they tried to see how close to him they could get. Of course the horses don’t want anything to do with a moose, they’re big and solitary, So as I watched from a safe distance, the moose lowered his head until like a snowplow his huge rack was inches off the ground and charged out after the horses. Well the horses ran like crazy – and the moose was just protecting his turf so he didn’t chase far. Still, it’s quite a site to see someone you love chased by an angry moose.

      • I’ll never understand people who approach large wildlife like that. So often it doesn’t end as well because they don’t have swift and intelligent horses to help them get away.

        • yes, we would never approach a bison – or any other wild animal, although once I was hiking when a bull moose who was in the willow bushes completely invisible stood up about 15 feet away from me. I quickly retreated while talking calmly to him….

  12. Fascinating to watch!

  13. Oh this is adorable……I can see that baby moose, just wanting to play! On youtube the other day I saw a baby moose that had just been born, trying to find its feet on very wobbly legs. So precious.

  14. When we were out hiking last week, we saw a black bear cub. I kept my boys away because I knew mama could not be far away. No one to fault a protective mama you know. I would love to see a moose in real life. It is a dream of mine actually.

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