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hero – dverse

May 27, 2015

The hero within
Completes impossible quests

Pretend kings preen
Surveying a virtual realm
A stale darkened room


From → dverse, poetry

  1. I like it!

  2. video game not only kills time it kills the physical eye and the inner eye too….but i agree with the hero thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ah.. the death of young men do enter
    virtual worlds.. where even women
    no longer exist.. ah.. the controller
    of rat laced buttons of life laced
    with opiate of fading loss..

    Fertility rate going down..
    perhaps that is a plus
    of virtual worlds.. plus
    the human cost of course
    of loving
    young men
    become the
    Matrix more…

  4. oh yes, we do love to live out those fantastical quests in wonderful lands…all in the comfort of our darkened living-rooms with recycled air…

  5. Oh .. I have not been really into this (except a little on a textbased system in the early 80s).. but I can understand how you can be hooked.. which is probably why I would never start.

    • it’s especially an issue for young men, when one wastes time, they waste their future.

    • it’s especially an issue for young men, when one wastes time, they waste their future.

      However the guys who can write the gaming engines are very strong math guys.

  6. I have very mixed feelings about video games and would hate to be a parent nowadays and have to deal with this kind of issue. I enjoyed the reference to heroes though.

  7. Nice use of the prompt and wonderful poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. We all build our kingdoms somewhere. Some online, others in real life. Some with just toying with the emotions of others. An even those that do it with their spirituality.

  9. ha – i have no nerve for playing video games honestly – but love when hubs and the kids do…and just sit there with my book and smile…

    • When my youngest was a young teen, she and I needed to find common ground. She wasn’t interested in sports or being on a team like her older sister. But we found one in video games. She would play and I would sit and kibbitz, or we would team up and play together – I still recall the combined effort to get to level 100 of the Dark Realm in Onimusa – sometimes we must go where they are, and in this case video games is that place.

  10. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Ah to be a gamer in the morning, it smells like victory–or defeat. My passions run to watching films (I have a vast collection), planning & executing photography adventures, researching for, then writing poetry; all of which consume hours like voracious beasts.

  11. Alas, alas, sounds all too familiar – from my boys…

  12. a portrait of your day: delusional and dank. Not a pretty picture — but you know you love it!!

    • addiction is a melancholy place, but then to be a king, one must complete a quest ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You certainly capture the essence of playing video games. They can consume so much time.

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