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2:00 AM – dverse

May 19, 2015

When midnight lamps
Paint the world in silver
And shadow seems to shout the only truth –
The hunger comes.

When honor seems to slumber
Thoughts sprint to find where darkness hides
And restraint is someone else’s virtue
The hunger comes.

Darkest night
Whispers doubt as every question’s answer
Cling to hope that dawn must rise once more –
until – the hunger comes again


From → dverse, poetry

  1. I love the way you use hunger in this poem. I feel passion, temptation in this.

    Also, when midnight lamps paint the world in silver…. that’s a killer line.

  2. Really wonderful!

  3. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    Love the way you use ‘hunger’. We get that it’s not necessarily physical hunger, yet it is such a powerful metaphor; you convey that sense of aching, gnawing….

  4. A really good rhythm in the powerful lines

  5. darkness is a time that evil can more easily hide, and therefore, temptations are a lot stronger. Your repeated phrase of “the hunger comes” perfectly fit the tone of your poem…and the tone of 2am

  6. Hunger and darkness…as opposed to raiding the frig at night….it’s poetry about
    the need for love, the comfort of food an analogy to the honor of the night, a pledge to do right.

  7. “Cling to hope that dawn must rise once more –
    until – the hunger comes again”

    Beautiful. I like the repetition as well.

  8. Very nice piece, Bill – with, once again, a great repetitive line – a clarion call.

    But for me, at 2:00 AM, when the hunger calls – it’s warm milk!

    Have a good one – Randy

  9. you make me long for a long night of thoughtful reminiscing.

  10. I like how you left hunger to be defined by the reader–just like a valuable painting is left to interpretation. Well written 🙂

    • thanks – the power in poetry is picking words that can have several meanings, that allows the poetry to have meaning to the reader – writing that works on several layers has always been difficult for me. I’m glad it worked here.

  11. “And restraint is someone else’s virtue”


  12. Yes.. the hunger of passionate midnight lamps do come..
    to instill a love of light.. in path of human truths
    come pleasure.. pain.. in tween..
    life.. is real.. in passion play..
    when all is love as
    night and

  13. Interesting. A hint of the supernatural, almost like the wolf man. But then again that hunger translates over well.

  14. hhmmm… yes. Night means different things to different people. What a coincidence to be puzzled by points of view and then come here and view the different comments, and how wonderful you write and touch all 🙂

  15. layered hunger!!..a perfect 2 am poem…

  16. I’m in this realm of hunger right now!

  17. “Restraint is someone else’s virtue”–wow, that sums it up, doesn’t it. Well done.

  18. This is eerie stuff here. Well done.

  19. Magnificent! & a wonderful piece.

    where does your inspiration come from?

    Beautiful poem.

    • sometimes inspiration comes from sorrow Charlie – the poetry seems to write it out. thanks

  20. The repetitive “the hunger comes”….an ominous phrase of such simple words. I have to wonder about that hunger…if it is physical, spiritual, evil….excellent poem.

    • I think it’s a metaphor for an addiction that is not satisfied. A heroin addict I knew told me that it was always the night that was the hardest to survive

      • I always think of vampires thanks to The Hunger. A friend of mine, a recovering coke addict always referred to it as The Hurt, what she felt. Your explanation makes a lot of sense and indeed, we all seem to feel a vulnerability alone, in deep night.

  21. I love this:
    “When honor seems to slumber … And restraint is someone else’s virtue”

  22. Even when one thinks that hunger is abated, it seems to surface again…in the darkest of night! 2 a.m. seems a likely time!

  23. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Bill, you nailed down the paws of darkness, shook the curtains free of fog, & like Bjorn, I find that the “hunger” can be synonym & metaphor for diverse choices, deepening the meaning(s).

  24. mmm yes, doubt is certainly more prominent at night when your’re tossing about and can’t sleep.

  25. Although many things come to mind at 2 am, I am fortunate that hunger isn’t one of them!

  26. This is just wonderful. A poem to read over and over again.. I could read so much into that hunger.. so many things.

  27. Wow Bill! You are so talented my friend. Hugs to you and Janet.

    • Hi Belinda – check here at to see my daughter’s talent 🙂

      • You must be so very very proud of your favorite youngest daughter! And you both look incredible! Huge hugs

        • Thanks – I am proud, but I am more proud of the person she is and is becoming. I am sure you feel the same for your boys.

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