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lilacs – dverse

May 13, 2015

Perhaps because of spring
And the fragrance of lilacs
We abandon the well worn path.
Perhaps because of spring
Beneath shade of budding leaves
We dance into the glen
Perhaps because of spring
A broken promise
Winter breaks our hearts


From → dverse

  1. Ah the seasons, they come and go – yet any one of them can break our heart. Lovely contrast Bill – I am a little behind visiting this week again, because of the time difference.

  2. Its an interesting piece.
    I like the repetition of the lines.
    Read it several times over – along with the comments..
    I can see the abandonment of the well worn path – a choice.
    I am lost with:
    “Perhaps because of spring
    A broken promise
    Winter breaks our hearts”

    Does Spring break the promise of Winter?
    And if so, was Winter’s promise to us to have us stay the path?
    But Spring entices us, like a Siren,to move otherwise?
    Or does Winter simply break our hearts by returning a second time after the first budding of renewal – of Spring?


  3. Lilacs are the perfect flower for this reflection on spring. Because it’s the season of mating, many fall in love then and touches a nerve when it arrives…or leaves..with so much as a scent or memory..the bittersweet…nice.

  4. …but i must confess the urge to steal lilac blooms!

  5. An effective analogy between Spring and the choices we make. Some beautiful paths can be deceiving.

  6. Beautiful, Bill!
    Lilacs are my favorite flower.
    Tonight is my sisters wake.
    I feel confused.

  7. I like the contrast of spring and winter (my least fav season) ~ Ouch on those broken promises ~

  8. I think spring brings out our restlessness and makes us a little unwise. I like this poem.

  9. There is much pondering here…layered seasons, and reasons. Well done.

  10. The lilacs are in bloom here and I was going to stop and take a picture of a lilac bush the other day..their scent is seems we wait for spring and the magic it will bring..I wonder if we set ourselves up for disappointment sometimes.

  11. The contrast between the spring and winter come through so vivid.. and maybe spring is not so faithful as we wish.

  12. i love the freedom and little carelessness that spring brings… it makes us bold to leave the well worn paths – in that mood i think winter hits even harder…

  13. That last line is just… true. Perhaps because of spring…I do so like this repeating line and the different layers and images it brings.

  14. Ah yes.. a most lovely thing that Winter brings is
    a cycle of live instead of a
    one way

  15. Well, that has a quite sad turn there in the end. Spring can definitely get the sap running, but i guess that can be bother a good an bad thing. Though broken promises are rather hartbreaking.

  16. Yes…once spring is here I think we wish it to last forever; and when winter comes once more it feels almost like a betrayal.

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