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a flirtation with beauty – dverse

April 21, 2015

Near the Fox River’s gentle boundaries
Daffodils peek forth amongst the trees
Iridescent in winter’s defiance
As I and spring silently passed them by
I did not stop and tarry there
Though in Summer heat they’ll wane and fade
And yes, I loved their beauty dearly
But had places to be and promises already made


From → dverse, poetry

  1. yes, like Madeleine, i appreciated the three last lines:

    Though in Summer heat they’ll wane and fade
    And yes, I loved their beauty dearly
    But had places to be and promises already made

  2. That is a poor way of living, not being affected by the nature. 🙂 All that symbolism a daffodil inherits …:-)

  3. beauty is impermanent by nature esp. when it comes to flowers and maybe that is a big part of their magic as well… love all the spring blossoming at the moment…

    • perhaps the flowers are things in life that attract us, and we always have to make a choice. I bet it is lovely there.

  4. We are often in so much of a hurry. My poem was about slowing down, but in truth, I’m usually in too much of a rush to enjoy the flowers.

  5. Oh, I like this very much! And I know the Fox River (though now I live on the other side of Wisconsin, near the Mississippi) and I know winter’s defiance all too well!

  6. Perfect, really.

  7. A beautiful scene emerging out of your words. Lovely! 🙂

  8. Even just passing through you paint a nice pastoral scene…
    Thank you for the momentary serenity 🙂

    • glad you liked it – in our lives we often pass by things, or dally where we ought not. Perhaps it’s wisdom to understand the difference.

  9. I wish we could stop and tarry at this season – everywhere I look there is emerging beauty.

  10. like promises to go before I sleep….

    Things Could Be More Reliable

  11. Ah.. yes the flower does peaK
    up through the stones of weed..
    and you know what i think.. i’m
    getting used to this Octet thingY..
    in fact this is 11 of 8 now for
    lucky 7 before this one of 11..
    and now all i have is two lines
    for this one to see ya later at 8..:)

  12. Very beautiful and slightly sad.

  13. I picked up a melancholy note for sure, but it’s a mix, a healthy one at that, if I may say so,beautifully written.

  14. To me daffodils reflect the new light of spring. Your poem also reminded me of all the perfect photos I did not take!

  15. So much beauty along the route….

  16. Unless I’m in a hurry, I whip out my phone and snap pics of interesting things… saw a tree that had a big trunk, so of course I had to put it on snapchat and make a big booty joke, haha

  17. I would have had to stop, regardless. People who know me know I sometimes get waylaid by such happenstance. I learned a few years ago, sometimes you have to stop to….kiss the daffodils! Sounds like a great trip with a happy ending.

    • I rode along – thinking I might regret it. Three pictures I regret passing by… 1) the flowers, 2) A cow, who looks like a musk ox who quizzically eyed me as I rode by, and a third one that I can’t recall. But there’s a beauty to the motion too.

  18. So many beauties to see but alas we have places to go and promises already made ~ I like that shift in the ending line Bill ~ Looks like a lovely & invigorating trip ~

  19. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    snappy naturalistic take on your own prompt. I find that when I have my camera with me I often stop to enjoy & record Nature’s bounty; otherwise it is just glance & go.

  20. I found this very sad because there wasn’t time to stop and tarry. I wonder how much beauty in this world we miss because of “places to be and promises already made.” Peace, Linda

    • Yes Linda – I thought about it for many miles on the road – and never came across a patch so brilliant or so densely packed –

  21. Do is see a sign of snowy woods in that last line? But yes, the snow has melted..:-)

  22. I especially liked your final line, as well as this one:
    “Iridescent in winter’s defiance”

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