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beauty under light – dverse

March 24, 2015

Eighteen sees chance
and not regret
Summer let us stock the shelves
Ring the register, a perfect team
Where friendship grew, I never hid
That every guy and I desired Carla
Sultry Carla, over you
In whose exotic light you couldn’t shine.
Yet Later,
When history can admit mistakes
We learn.
The brightest empty light
Obscures the gentle glow
Of a beautiful soul.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. This is so the truth…………beautiful writing!!!! Perfect closing lines.

  2. It’s not just the aging but the willingness to learn and deepen that lets us see more.

  3. Fascinating critique of our blind judgements.

  4. The brightest empty light
    Obscures the gentle glow
    Of a beautiful soul.

    Bravo – Bill.

  5. BW = Beautiful Wise

  6. The brightest empty light
    Obscures the gentle glow
    Of a beautiful soul.

    One fails to see beauty when it is hidden under too much lights. Great thoughts billgncs!


  7. the process of beauty unveils as we better understand life

  8. Many times, physical appearance dictates our judgment of an individual’s ability, likeability even moral code. Unfortunately, in some instances, it determines that person’s actions. It is the wise and sensitive youth whose friendship can help to change these perceptions.

  9. Time and experience definitely make us see things, and people, in a different light. It is often a very good thing. Smiles.

  10. So true.. the flesh that rarely glimmers.. often has the brightest eyes of soul and heart.. and beneath all that glimmers.. can be a place of spirit flow.. that is never limited.. by glimmer of flesh.. alltoldalone..:)

  11. “Where friendship grew, I never hid”–this makes me envious.

  12. Too many times, too many of us are stuck at 18, seeing only the outward beauty and unable to appreciate the inner. The last three lines just say so very much about true beauty and self knowledge.

  13. such foolish things we did – and how many wounded left behind – a thoughtful look back

  14. Amen. This is the kind of beauty with layers. At 18 we are all too absolute.

  15. Age gives us the wisdom to see beauty for what it truly is.

  16. This is GOOD–love those final 3 lines especially.

  17. Ah, the wisdom and “sight” that comes with aging. Bravo for us as we grow.

  18. I really enjoyed your poetics. Your use of language is awesome. And you ended it in a way that made sense, but wasn’t predictable. You’re good is what I’m trying to say haha.

    • thanks – when a poem reaches someone – it’s the best reward for having written.

  19. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
    ~Audrey Hepburn

  20. that inner beauty is a powerful thing. I’ve met people who are physically very attractive, but after getting to know them, I see ugliness…because that is what they have chosen to have inside. I have also seen the opposite…where someone who is nothing to look at becomes beautiful because I have been blessed to get to know who they really are inside.

  21. Our definition of beauty changes as we grow older ~ Too often the young ones ignore the inner beauty of the person ~ Good one Bill ~

  22. I feel like an old soul… I’ve never been into the cookie-cutter cute guys…. I always liked some outer flaws & inner beauty.

  23. peggygoetz permalink

    Lovely and oh so true of 18. Thank goodness for that beautiful soul in the long run.

  24. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    When I was 18 I thought I knew everything, had my finger on the pulse of truth, but erections soon fade, & what a delight to be 70 now, still learning, seeking, searching for wisdom.

  25. oh, this is so beautifully poignant. if only we knew then what we know now.

  26. as we get older we def. see beauty in a different light… ha… i remember the one or other hot guy that i probably wouldn’t find so hot any more…smiles

  27. So often we are pulled into that first beauty.. the love and desire… but in the end I think most of us find that inner glow.. the thing that really lasts and what is real..

  28. Oh yes, “the gentle glow of a beautiful soul”, often overlooked, at least in youth, but discovered, with joy, a bit later.

  29. So true, Bill. I can remember some that I thought were cool when I was 18 years old. Now I see them in a different light! And it is good that we realize certain things in retrospect. Smiles.

    • Her name was Hilda, and she was a kind, gentle soul. Beautiful when seen through a wiser mind.

  30. We can’t help be different people at different points in time, but each point/person has advantages in the moment of being…

    • too often we overlook inner beauty. One of the true amazing things I have known is how another’s image can change as we know them. Of course the growth is in ourselves.

    • yes, though what we do with that moment may lead to sad, or pleasant reflection.

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