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words – dverse

March 19, 2015

We speak rarely now
Instead we joust
Silence our lance and shield

Did ever we dance
Float across the floor
glide upon laughter and smiles ?

Now I tiptoe past,
That we not gird for war
By words best left unsaid


From → dverse, poetry

  1. words left unsaid are the ones that dig the deepest…

  2. This is superb.

  3. Brilliant! Your images are clear the poem is full of action and very enjoyable. Cheers!

  4. oh the pain of words left unsaid…terrific tension in this.

  5. Brilliant write – Bill.

  6. True disappointment when it’s over…indeed a battle of wills, maintaining our ego. Nice job

  7. Miserable situation, brilliant write.

  8. As said, I too feel the sadness… Wishing you dancing again.

  9. Sad, relatable, universal. My parents come to mind. Marvelously compact and morose. I am in love with this.

  10. For some reason I saw …sword

  11. Oooo. Joust/gird/tiptoe. Wonderful.

  12. A very sad story well told – the question Did ever we dance brought tears – very moving

  13. Oh My, this is powerfully good–no, Stellar.

  14. You’ve created such a melancholic mood with your choice of verbs, Bill. Sadly, I think most of us recognize that jousting you describe so well, but hope it’s only a phase in a loving relationship.

  15. “Joust” expresses so much…. Sad when people don’t ‘dance’ with words any more or feel they have to protect themselves by leaving words unsaid.

  16. words best left unsaid, and so it is ~ admire the use of joust to
    Silence our lance and shield ~ have a good night Bill ~

  17. To dance is to love.. and OH GOD sometimes to marry is to joust.. to dance is to love.. and OH GOD.. i’m still trying to talk my wife.. into dancing

    with me..:)

    Life is stranger than the greatest dream i ever had.. and perhaps nicer as well..:)

  18. The tiptoe is a perfect choice, just as gird.. this becomes so direct even when you tiptoe.. great example

  19. Bill, your choice of words are very precise and paint a picture that I can feel. Also, all in the present tense seems to add something here, not sure if it is tension or what, but joust, gird, and tiptoe get the point across to a poignant effect.

    • Thanks – words can cut can’t they – and in life some battles best remain unfought

  20. So much in few words….it is bitter when communication comes to this.

  21. i like tiptoe past.

  22. ugh – it is sad when communication or not-communication turns into this… words can be painful and better weigh them thoughtfullly before speaking them

  23. very nice! evokes great emotion, thanks for sharing!

  24. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Terrific jousting with those active energetic verbs; liked the last stanza a lot. You always fuse truth into the poetic folds of brevity.

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