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wings – dverse

March 17, 2015

Darting swallows soar
Sunlit jewels on wind-borne flight
Elusive uncaught dreams


From → dverse

  1. Beautiful. This poem is like a tasty piece of chocolate. I love chocolate.

  2. Truly gorgeous.

  3. nice turn in that last line,
    beautiful imagery in the first two..
    I am def a nature boy…and love watching it
    at play.

  4. So much said in so few words. Lovely.

  5. Gorgeous —

  6. I liked seeing the swallows as sunlit jewels in your poem. Uncaught dreams…nice!

  7. Sometimes those dreams are hard to catch..lovely poem..

  8. while reading your haiku, the swallows were clearly visible in my mind’s eye. Lovely piece!

    • Thanks Bryan – they have a distinct flight and when the sun catches their wings indeed they sparkle.

  9. Each line a wonder!

  10. I love seeing the swallows of San Juan Capistrano!! And it’s true how they sparkle in the sun.

  11. Oh, so poignant, sweet, evocative! Love! (And my comments are longer than the poem itself, what does that tell you?)

  12. very metaphoric, Bill! I dig it…

  13. uncaught dreams, living jewels. This is wonderful. I do love watching the birds as they wheel and soar. Lovely poem.

  14. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Swallows as living poetry; what an image. I spend more time watching gulls & crows playing tag in the thermals at our NW beach. It is good to reach beyond one’s grasp; worked well for giraffes.

  15. Wonderful haiku, Bill8 Of course I like the image of the ‘elusive uncaught dreams’.

  16. This lifted me up – just the image of those soaring wings – beautiful. And the last line is just lovely.

  17. I like that last line Bill ~ I haven’t swallows here lately, just gulls and crows ~

  18. Now I know why our First Nations have dream catchers!

  19. Bill, I love the uncaught dreams.. somehow adding a touch of melancholy to the memory of those swallows…

  20. I don’t usually think of swallows as “jewels” because they aren’t a sparkly bird, but it fits here. Nice. Peace, Linda

  21. Nicely metaphoric, Bill. Oh, those dreams sometime soar with the wind, more elusive than we would like them to be.

  22. This is one of my favorites of your poems.

  23. the uncaught dreams are the best…smiles
    love to watch swallows surfing the wind… saw some of them at the north sea in a heavy wind and they had fun like crazy…smiles

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