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confession – dverse

March 10, 2015

The doctor, erudite and bright
Expounds that veggies should delight
If one should escape the health apocalypse.
Still at night I crave — champagne on ice and chocolate.


From → dverse, humor

  1. I love your writing.

  2. Me too! That sounds really good!

  3. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    the doctor says, the wife says, the right brain monkey says, the left brain dove says, but then outshouting them all, chocolate says, “Remember they do not have chocolate on Mars!”.

  4. My mother always promises it’s not you eat that counts.. it’s the spirit you release.. that brings fulfillment of appetite.. and now that the working world ends.. i too.. have time…

    for that..:)

  5. I love my veggies but I love champagne and chocolate too. I indulge both pleasures. Though I must confess: I never CRAVE veggies the way I do the others.

  6. I connect. Completely πŸ˜€

  7. Yummy! I want some of that midnight snack.

  8. (P.S. Thanks for pointing out the typo in my poem! Really appreciated it!)

  9. Yum! Hey…all in balance, right?! Kale and blueberry smoothies by day and champagne and chocolate at night!

  10. go ahead and indulge…
    you only live once man…
    but I do have an appreciation of veggies
    more now than when I was younger…

  11. I’m convinced that every life should have champagne and chocolate. What are we here for, anyhow? I have two bottles of bubbly waiting for an occasion at the moment, and Snickers, and Reese’s, and truffles… But not every day. I don’t want to get too accustomed to such things.: )

  12. Aha – who doesn’t Bill, this was so much fun…

  13. Fun response πŸ™‚

  14. Cocoa beans and fermented grapes are excellent vegetables!

    • exactly – I am very, very fond of the fruit course – especially from France in the Burgandy region πŸ™‚

  15. seeing as I’ve had a doughnut sandwich for brunch, the time for veggies is now… smiles

  16. I eat veggies and also eat chocolates on moderation ~ Hey, indulge when needed (not too much) πŸ™‚

  17. This made me smile. I think sometimes we may follow a doctor’s orders recommendations ‘sort of,’ but there are things we just don’t want to be without!

  18. And to add bad to worse, yesterday in the market I saw for sale: chocolate dipped potato chips. We need the good for us but we all need the bad for us as well as a balance. Brussels sprouts without some melted butter just do not……good write!

    • thanks – and I agree, it’s the butter with those sprouts.

      For many years I didn’t eat brussels sprouts, ( my grandmother was a notorious bad cook ) but I was in France a couple years ago and it was part of the meal and they were exquisite. I’m a big fan now.

      • My grandmother was a famously excellent cook. She did pan roasting of veggies when it wasn’t cool. I am glad you got to know these cruciferous wonders!

  19. Ah.. but veggies are so good.. (sometimes it helps saying that it’s bad for you).. Do not eat that broccoli… do not.. πŸ™‚ hmm

    • Bjorn – did you have kids ? The most powerful psychology is reverse psychology πŸ™‚

  20. Well, but of course! Who in his/her right mind wouldn’t? I enjoyed this one!

  21. smiles… you know.. there’s a time for veggies and there def. is a time for champagne on ice and chocolate as well… ha

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