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forensics – dverse

March 5, 2015

Forensic study
of this homicide showed
No wounds, no blood
We rounded up the usual suspects
until the victim
got up and left, muttering
I never loved her anyway


From → dverse

  1. And no one believes a word he says, least of all himself!!!

  2. hypercryptical permalink

    Lovely humourous write – made me smile.
    Anna :o]

  3. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    Nice surprise ending.

  4. ha… love that end dude… the love died… clever

  5. great twist in this. love the humour.

  6. Love it, Bill–my kind of humor. Also like your haiku above. Nice work.

  7. a case of dying for love?

  8. I love crime stuff so this wallops a big kick for me with that ending line ~ Good one Bill 🙂

  9. Oh, I do like that. Clever.

  10. As an avid crime fiction reader, I particularly enjoyed the wit and brevity of this one.

  11. The language as picked out from the detective’s notebook really works not just condensed but as an extended metaphor.. Really cool

  12. This made me smile. I like how the poem almost has two endings, or a two-fold one. Great and powerful reduction!

  13. oha – that leaves me wondering of how the victim in this relationship was – but then – there never is one alone

  14. Story with a twist…all too often the story…nice use of the prompt.

  15. What a perfect ending!

  16. After all is said and done, the victim can only say, I never loved her anyway….too much pride in that statement but too often, it is the case when one has been deeply hurt. Few words packing quite a punch!

  17. Compact and packing a punch! One of the joys of poetry is doing so much will so little, very nicely done.

  18. ha. well hopefully he is not kidding himself
    or just making a show of his strength
    in the moment —

    it will catch up him later
    when he is alone

    it always does.

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