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just because – dverse

March 3, 2015

I heard they took two-hundred girls
Since they were Christians
Married them off because they could
Save for a couple who dared escape

Safety is an illusion
A tacit contract
So easily forgotten

The paper said twenty-one men
Were beheaded for their faith
Martyred – can that still happen
In this enlightened world

Last Sunday at church
I wondered
Do I need a gun


From → dverse

  1. The closing lines gave me goosebumps! The lows to which humanity has gone is unbelievable. Makes you wonder if there is a single place left that is truly safe?

  2. I’ve had similar thoughts as your closing one and I feel the sentiment about safety…you bring up very real concerns here. Well written.

  3. Oh I hope you don’t need to buy a gun…but our world is certainly changing…and not for the better either.

    • I read an opinon the other day that said in the new common core, kids are taught that statements like ‘all men are created equal’ are just opinions – things aren’t looking up.

  4. It’s a sad state of affairs! Love and peace to you, Bill!

  5. You know Bill, I went to Mass this morning and had the very same thought. There were about 600 people there–on a week day! (It’s a huge, active church). And I was thinking what a haven for terrorists. We actually have to consider the possibility these days. Very effective poem.

  6. I like your ironic ending. The world is making us crazy. Hopefully, the message of any church continues to be love.

  7. Why can’t everybody leave everybody else the hell alone? Jimmy Durante

  8. A powerful portrayal of intolerance towards each others’ faith which has gripped the world.

  9. Sadly a day with guns at church may come when fellows no longer trust their trusted ones.. and then truly freedom is gone.. as freedom without trust.. is no freedom at all….

    And sure that day.. has already come in my hometown way.. with concealed weapons.. a mainstream way right.. even in alter pews..

    where gun becomes greater than human trust….if what one truly believes reality is.. THAT.. whether or not that reality is… even here OR Not…:)

  10. And here the synagogues and Mosques are being targeted by different kinds of zealos people.. So far churches have been spared.. And if you claim a right to believe (or not) you are killed in the streets

    • It’s as though like in the Dune series when they tested the boy with the gom jabbar – people have forsaken their humanity.

  11. Very well put – such insecurity we are feeling at the moment of crisis. Very powerful note. Thank you for joining my prompt.

    • who really protects us ? We take it for granted until they don’t come to save us.

      • True – there is that moment of insecurity. I have been deeply worried for past couple of days – I don’t know how to explain – of someone I almost knew.

        • how sad when that uncertainty creeps in –
          like the old days when kids were taught to fear anyone not from their village.

  12. Wow. Those closing lines. Sadly, this world , or large parts of it, are far from enlightened. Powerful write.

  13. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Remember the Holocaust; goodness could not withstand the wholesale slaughter of innocent millions; it took military might, a world war. I have been angry & victimized since 9/11, since the Bush Wars, as the politicos spew more lies, enjoying more lobbyist hand-outs; liberty & justice for all; sure, good luck with that fantasy. This is far from the biblical “end of days”, but it is beginning to resemble the prophesy of a hundred years of war from Nostradamus.

  14. Great poem. Great irony.
    Sad state of world affairs.

    But on the brighter side-
    Belated happy birthday, Bill.


  15. It is indeed a moral conundrum. And yes, I bought a gun. I actually bought a pistol and a rifle. But then again, against whom would I use them? during communion, I choked on the juice and host. I just don’t know and it frightens me. I can only hope we will do enough goodness that it will overcome the evil.

  16. I can’t believe it either but its happening sadly ~ Do we need guns in church? Ironically, that sacred place is not even considered safe anymore ~ Some people have been killed while in church 😦

    Good to see you Bill ~

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