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fiction – dverse

January 29, 2015

Sometimes I
Seem a dream, fiction
Whose body pen and paper
A hero pretender to the throne
Instead of…


From → dverse

  1. hypercryptical permalink

    Ah, words of what keep me sane.
    Anna :o]

  2. Great ending! Lots of possibilities that can follow! Nicely billgncs!


  3. i think it’s kinda cool when the worlds mix and one plays into the other…

    • Yes – Jan and I were just in Arizona and I borrowed a bicycle and was riding when I passed a cactus and about 30 bright green parrots ( must have been on vacation from the rain forest ) went to wing. Some things just have to be shared, perhaps that’s the reason for poetry for it sneaks the emotion in the spaces between the words.

  4. perhaps we are also our worst critics…

  5. I like how you ended the poem. πŸ™‚

  6. Ouch, yes – I know the feeling. And I love that you’ve left the “Instead of…” open, inviting any number of potentials to show themselves and be explored.

  7. We’re all playing, and feels nice to try every day new…

  8. All of my personae like this.

  9. I really like the way you ended your poem and thus made us think and ponder beyond the scope of your poem.

  10. “Instead of” …. riding your bike, riding a horse, eating great food, having 2 favorite daughters ….etc!
    “lol” Dream on!

  11. heres to imagination and living up to them at times πŸ™‚

  12. This one has me thinking in many directions…thanks for a poem to mull.

  13. I like this.. there was those early days when I could be a persona.. I have given that up.. πŸ™‚

  14. the internet is the place where you could be the complete opposite of who you are in real life…for most, it isn’t a turn in a good direction….

  15. Clever and imaginative.

  16. Yes, we all do have different personas, and….we are all of them.

  17. nicely ended with the “…”. It is a complete poem, but hints at so much more…

  18. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink


  19. are our fictions more intriguing than our realities?…the body pen and paper line, judging by the substance, the instrument and the one that created it….made me pause a moment…

  20. Not only on-line, but in our mind and in person we shift between various selves, various fictions.
    Nice philosophical poem!

  21. We can be very different people when we are able to hide behind the safety of our screens/pages.

  22. I like those poems which seem to tail off just as it gets interesting… Leaves so much open to interpretation. And I agree with the sentiment…

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