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Blooms – dverse

January 20, 2015

Trust the winding path
To guide your faltering footsteps
Past love’s first blush


From → dverse, poetry, romance

  1. A path that leads, to somewhere where we have never been, to experience things new, fresh and then, to come safe home again.

  2. Sweet…can’t help but think of newlyweds…

  3. I love “trust the winding path”………it does lead us where we need to go!

  4. love’s blush can trick ya… especially the 1st… ha

    • that’s the moment you want to remember forever – but I tend to sentimental vs pragmatic

  5. totomai permalink

    memories of first love… will always come back to us

  6. Which photo did you get inspired from? Lovely haiku.

  7. Ah…and that path must look a little different for everyone, depending on their perspective..since I don’t know what photo you chose, I have several nice images in my mind.

  8. Sweet, though I feel that we should always work to keep love’s first blush alive ~

    • It’s a treasured memory, but the picture of the path and the red blossoms reminded me of youthful love

  9. love can certainly be a winding path. Nicely done!

  10. it can be a winding path indeed….makes it all the more exciting though…smiles

  11. Much of life is a winding path. I wonder which of Totomai Martinez’s photos you used though….

  12. The first love is important.. but how should it go from buds to bloom?

  13. I like your haiku – the importance of trust – but wonder what photo you had in mind.

  14. trust a difficult thing… you make is seems easy

  15. de ja vu…

    it truly is my hope that people find that path
    and that they recognize love when they find it

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