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sparrow – dverse

January 14, 2015

I recall the sparrows
Small puffed ornaments
Amongst winters bushes

Lighter than the breeze
For branches never flinch
beneath their load.

When Solomon strode the land
A penny could buy two
So tiny was their worth.

I blunder past your story
Pain that you must own
A hint of moving onward in your words

Reminding me of sparrows
and him who knew their worth beneath the sky.
As I hope you know yours.


From → dverse

  1. Recalls one of my mother’s favorite songs, “His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.” Tender thoughts here…thanks for this gentle reminder, Bill.

  2. Powerful last line! Beautiful poem!

  3. that last stanza conveys so much hope…two sparrows may be worth no more than a penny, but the Father sees…and how much more valuable are humans? Nice write!

  4. Truly no word or even suggestion of appreciation is too small to heal a life…

    Every word of life is sacred.. and every step above earth is special..:)

  5. Great write . . . love

    “blunder past your story
    Pain that you must own”

    and the imagery of the sparrows;

  6. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    The inquiry you make, the question you pose has plagued history & all the religions since language was invented. Each of us is invaluable to the total scheme of things; that’s why racism, sexism, ageism, religious intolerance, condescending asshole in the 1%, corporate manipulations are all absurd, without humanity, evil. Liked your take, sir.

  7. Knowing your worth, knowing your true self – the unfathomable possibilities. Very well composed Bill, I am glad you could join my prompt.

  8. So easily we see our fellow human beings as disposable, as monetary worth.. The only way is to see them like those sparrow in the winter. a lovely poem Bill

  9. knowing our worth – and the worth of those around us… it is precious if we do…

  10. so many do not know their worth, and end up being around those who don’t either… ugh

  11. A very sensitive and caring response to this prompt..Lovely one !

  12. if only we ascribed as much worth to each other…and truly loved each other as god did/does…it is a radical type love….understanding our value is something many people struggle with…

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