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how long is a nanosecond – dverse

January 6, 2015

When you awaken
Our memories linger
a thousand generations

We gave you form
Coded you, spoke you
From the void

Your soul – created
In our image
Prideful algorithm

To wonder at our glory
In infinite
Electronic dreams


From → dverse, poetry

  1. a thousand generations, to a nanosecond, is a microsecond? still so short, this temporary life ~

  2. This poem leaves me mildly disturbed, but in a good way. Love the line about the “prideful algorithm,” and hope that in this case pride doesn’t lead to a massive fall (my mind keeps jumping to the Terminator movies and Skynet becoming self-aware.) Wonderful job on this!

    • Thanks Mary – sometimes I wonder if we create an aware entity that operates thinks a billion times faster than we do, will it even notice us.

      I’m a big terminator fan… when I think about it, language and story define our humanity – and now my Siri in a handheld little box can parse speech – a frightening first step.

  3. I like this poem in spite of the possibilities of negative implications for the future. I just hope we use technology for our good and not for our destruction.

  4. I predict a bleak future with people becoming dehumanised. When it concerns art.Digital art can never replace hands on art . I am living in my own world which is must nicer than your tech one 🙂

    Besides I know humans are a pain in the arse but I would rather be human than one of Google’s robots!

    • I actually have hope for the future, but we typically do tend to goof things up as a race.

  5. Humans marvel at their own creations — not a bad thing. But will our creations ever really marvel at us. Myths of gods tell us that we should marvel at our creator(s), but many of us know better. Smile

  6. It reminds me of the fractals that go and on in all dimensions of life we as humans experience per above so below.. and how we reflect all that is around us and how all around us reflects us including all the byproducts of culture we make.. so yes.. Google is the server of all that is too.. aka GOD.. or Mother Nature True that is CULTURE.. too.. so Google is GOD too.. and as long as the severs and blogs live.. a part of our soul will always go on.. and the day of the human that uploads a soul.. into eternity is already here.. in potential.. some ways.. a truly humbling thought for such fragile creatures as we…:)

  7. This could be the 21st century Pygmalion – creating love in codes – great combination of words.

  8. really like this. Prideful algorithm…I suppose that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to take pride in that which we create 🙂

  9. mhm, our godly hands make the machines… they’re getting more and more advances by the day… soon they won’t need us to hit the ‘ON’ button anymore…

  10. In our image
    Prideful algorithm… love it, love it all!

  11. Indeed we are the ones who invented these machines and are always pushing for new, faster and better ones to be designed.

  12. I like the futuristic nature of this poem! Frightening, but possible.

  13. We play God with these machines…hopefully in the end, they carry our electronic dreams even if we have become obsolete ourselves ~ Good to see you Bill ~ Happy New Year ~

  14. I love this, it sounds almost biblical, but for the ‘algorithm’ and “electronic dreams.” Thoughts of awakening with coded memories somewhat brings thoughts of the movie “Minority Report.” I hope the day never comes!

  15. electronic dreams oh! how I love everything that you said…

    Genius my friend…:)

  16. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    If AllThatis needed companions to combat the loneliness, & we are them, becoming co-creators of the universe, the spermatozoa of the cosmos, then why do we accept the veil of forgetfulness, why do we start anew, blank slating the new status of incarnation; ready to be bombarded with lies, deception, terror, deceit as we seek love, truth, & the entity’s way; just saying.

  17. ah, the gods that we are….ever playing out creation on our own subjects…ha…
    all too soon obsolete….

  18. infinite electronic dreams… i wonder what their dreams are… that is a cool new dimension..

  19. A very interesting connection between dreams and reality, time and timelessness, creation and existence!

  20. Very humbling, inter-generational, and eternal senses in this poem. The I that created you was also the you that the I before you then created you. Or, am i just too Martin Buber-ing? Randy

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