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birthday – dverse

December 18, 2014

Among all the others
One day to fear the most
What if no one comes


From → dverse

  1. Shannon permalink

    Too true!

  2. Bill, the effect is interesting – birthday’s are lovable no matter whether you celebrate or not. Sorry took longer to visit your post for the prompt.

  3. Life without people simply sucks.. no matter what day it is to me…

    and truly without people that is death to me..

    and been there done it for five years.. with no choice as illness takes

    even the ability to connect away from me.. when a body of love is in front of me…

    So yeah.. what if no comes IS MY GREATEST FEAR..

    SO i go out now and make that connection my number one priority..:)

    Happy Holidays and BD to ya.. BiLL.. and an ever present in NOW.. as same..:)

  4. ugh! I remember that feeling.

  5. I’m happy if only one comes, with a fruit course! This is the opposite of how I felt up until my early thirties.
    If it’s your BD, Bill, have a great one. May many fruit courses come your way!

  6. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Somehow as the decades pile up to our knees, the actual birthday seems less significant; & yet secondary to our socialization, we secretly hope some will remember & help celebrate. Your haiku is grand, but I would rather see “What if we gave a war & nobody came?”.

  7. are we having a party?

    Happy birthday, Bill.

  8. Don’t be silly…the spear carriers always show up where there is free expensive booze and food:)

  9. To be forgotten is a true terror.. Maybe that is why we cease to celebrate our birthdays… But for a child it must be terrible.

  10. that would be sad…and yet there were some birthdays in my life when i didn’t really wanted to see lots of people

  11. You have struck at the heart of our fears. What if no one cares. You really have a way with words, my dear friend. Merry Merry Christmas. All the very best to you and yours… Looking forward to our 2015 adventures…

  12. A birthday is the day next best to Christmas. That childhood fear of no one remembering never quite leaves one. What an effective haiku! Merry Christmas!

  13. as a kid, that would suck.
    as an adult, there are def bdays
    that no one seems to notice…
    and it still stings but def not as bad
    as when you are a kid….

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