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fair – dverse

November 6, 2014

The fair comes with the fall
The harvest done,
The bounty claimed
Measured in the seasons of the years.

Not so much a suburban thing
The grocery store
Our Harvest barn
Fruit and berries daily fare

Still we celebrate the time
And wonder that the mirror shows
Fair hair that we once knew
Now more than hints of grey

And still when I see you
I know that you are fair
And whatever grey we know
Merely speckles of the coming snow


From → dverse, poetry, romance

  1. a beautiful piece and the last stanza is exquisite…

    • thanks – so often we write a poem and see only its faults – this one has faults, but I was pleased with it too.

  2. i love all the references to time passing by. lovely written!

  3. Loving and strong, like you, this poem reminds me of the strength and love in my life. Thank you, Bill! ❤

  4. I think the urbansuburban longs for the fair. Maybe that’s what’s missing there? 🙂 Thanks for the contrast adjustment.

    • yes, I think we lose something when we can get strawberries or watermelon from Central America in the bitter winter – we lose the beauty of the harvest.

      Glad you stopped by

  5. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    A lovely jaunt into a romantic spin, & you pulled in a fair amount of fares, which was more than fair; love your gentle take on Aging; something to be proud of since it is a privilege denied to many.

  6. Lined up pros with bottles ready now. For awhile. Like the last line. No Snow yet but I shall not escape it fully I know.

  7. Very good take Bill..and for me the fair is the fare in grocery store to.. (and some bottles in my hair).

  8. nice maturity in the thought process…our thoughts on beauty tend to do that as we ourselves gain a bit of age…the grey preceding the snow made me smile…def better than fair to middlin’…ha

  9. Way to go with the prompt. Your poem is concise and lovely!

  10. Superlative fare – taking fair for a ride from the ride to the journey to the turning of the seasons where gold turns silver and the light fades to grey! Well done!!

  11. ha nice… you wove quite some fairs into this…and hey… your wife is still fairly fair if i remember correctly from where we met in basel

  12. Very clever poem – making use of many meanings of ‘fair.’ I especially like the last stanza…with the fair changing to grey on its journey to white.

    • thanks Mary, I had been meaning to write a love poem. I think I did a fair job 🙂

  13. Groovy piece, and I love how you manged multiple fairs and fare in there.

  14. I’m here as you post – may I say yippee! Huge hugs to you and Janet. My head has been really something of late, and yet tonight, here I am ….happy thankful face smiling at you from Canada!

    • Seeing you here is the best news I’ve had all day

      • Bill, thank you, I’m really quite beside myself. WordPress friendships have sustained me for so long, that when I can’t be here, just to have this, time can be rather lengthy. I didn’t even remember to ask how you are?!

        • I’m doing well. Jan is off visiting our daughter in Iowa.

          • That’s wonderful, in both matters! My memory isn’t quite up to par and I’m unsure when I visited Jan’s page last…I have to stop over there and send a hug.

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