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pandora – dverse

November 4, 2014

“But I knew I was right.”
Sounding like a far away gull’s cry
“Twenty-one days, not for me.”
Echoes of bones dragged across autumn leaves
Who hears the spirits, wandering in sorrow ?
Who heard Pandora whisper, “I’m sorry?”


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    Beautiful words to bring home your point. I like ‘a far away gull’s cry’ for instance. And yes, the use of Pandora and her box is perfect. Scary stuff!

  2. I too had to read the comment to gather the meaning of your write…but now I’ve got it. The 21 days of quarantine is often not mandatory (I don’t know why)…thereby leaving it open to people making up their own minds about their health and whether they are infectious.

  3. “Echoes of bones dragged across autumn leaves”….the dreaded disease is cleverly hidden in the line…

  4. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    But some of us, like myself, mired in verbosity, long poems spewed out regularly, it is a poetic joy to read some sparse voice. I, too, loved the /echoes of bones/ line. Still, it is a FB fact that more people have been married to Kim Kardashian that have died of ebola.

    • I didn’t know that, but I only recently found out who Kim Kardashian is. I was thinking if a ghost spoke, what would we hear. If he walked, what might we notice.

      The people who went there are brave and courageous, but for the want of a couple weeks, how they risk cursing someone to possibly die where noone dare comfort them with an ungloved hand.

      thanks for your comment Glenn

  5. Powerful comment on a too-real possibility, Bill. Ebola could, indeed, be our modern-day escapee of Pandora’s box, resulting in “spirits, wandering in sorrow”.

  6. For one thing.. this shows.. i need to catch up on relevant news.. as it proves.. i’m quite distanced from it now.. and after reading the comments i am up to date.. on relevant events.. and you do express hypocrisy of it all here.. very well.. as far as Ebola and quarantines go…

    But i guess with a society of instant gratification.. for some folks a quarantine of 21 days last forever…

    but by GOD..

    they wouldn’t be alone.. there would always be smart phones.. computers.. TV’s.. Facebook.. and perhaps nothing would truly change.. except.. a vacation from work….

    i guess they have a harder time…

    seeing the silver lining.. in sacrifices.. than i do.. and this certainly wasn’t much of seems..

    to me….but i would have to dance.. alone..and that would be enough.. as i’m never alone..with or without.. a dance partner.. for sure..:)never just me…..

  7. “Who hears the spirits, wandering in sorrow ?
    Who heard Pandora whisper, “I’m sorry?” – that is such a powerful effect, in so fewer words, you said so much.

  8. Groovy piece. Love- “Echoes of bones dragged across autumn leaves”

  9. Thanks for the comments, now I have a better insight on your post ~ If you are going to help, then be prepared for the consequences ~ I like the use of Pandora in conversation ~

  10. Oh, I cannot understand these people going to help and then when returning not agreeing to quarantine….if they do (by chance) have the disease it would be as if all of their noble efforts were in vain. Sigh.

  11. ugh, ebola going around in the US is scary; to be honest, I feel quite selfish because it’s been killing so many for years and I haven’t really thought about it until now. Ignorance is bliss aye…

  12. I heard about this too and it sounded absurd. Why would you want to cure people but not understand the need for a quarantine?

  13. Clever , subtle and relevant.

  14. Pandora.. yes I remember the link shared by Janet.. it’s a tough thing.. but if it’s not controlled in Africa it will find it’s way whatever we might do..

  15. just lately we had a information meeting about ebola and what to do if we’re confronted with someone who could be sick… not easy… that was a tough box that was opened…and hope they manage to get it under control

    • here we have fine brave people who went to help coming back, but refusing to quarantine themselves for the 21 days. It seems like a small price to pay to avoid letting loose a terrible evil.

  16. interesting…not sure i get it all…but it tickle the mind….the 21 days i was thinking about how long it takes to create a new habit…and having unleashed the box on the world….i wonder if anyone heard the sorry after….

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