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war poems – dverse

October 29, 2014

Depleted uranium shells
A generation of tainted flowers
Linger after peace is sung

The moment that hides
Amidst covetousness and rage
Peace – mankind’s unnatural state


From → dverse, poetry

  1. isn’t it sad that war just seems to be so natural…

    • I don’t begrudge the soldier
      However I despise the invading army
      but alas, their historians write the tale

  2. Peace – mankind’s unnatural state

    Perfect! It is so elusive it is taken to be something of a rarity and an artificial element. Great lines billgncs!


  3. Bill, great last line. Perhaps it’s man’s (and animal’s) need to challenge that keeps our world In turmoil. Territorial challenges, intellectual, philosophical challenges, etc., are daily occurrances–some of which, unfortunately lead to war.

  4. Alas.. Peace an unnatural state.. Nature have its way to hide the traces though..

  5. i used to think that too.. until i studied the Bonobo and primitive cultures.. that have bountiful subsistence and sharing ways of existence.. instead of our modern cultures of collective ways and control.. but to get back there.. almost impossible as long as we live in heterogeneous large populations as humans are simply not evolved to live that way.. without the strife that we do have.. if not armed and controlled as such.. or in other words wars.. small and large….

  6. very sublime and to the point. this is very good.

    Born to Strife and Contention

  7. Oh, that last line hurts.

  8. Oh this is powerful – and perfect – the “generation of tainted flowers”……and peace being mankind’s unnatural state. It seems so. Loved this.

  9. I think you are right, Bill. Peace does seem to be an unnatural state for man. Humans have been warring since the beginning of time, and though we might desire peace & may achieve it for a period of time wars continue to erupt.

  10. I beg to differ with you.
    Peace is mankind’s natural state.
    War is is simply a vehicle of the insane, the greedy, or to feed, nowadays, global corporations.
    The rest of us just want to live in peace.

    Nice terse piece, though.

  11. In the end, the flowers are back but often the price was high. I agree that it often feels as if we were between two wars.

  12. unnatural state indeed….nature finds a way though…despite the uranium…flowers find a way…

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