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newsprint – dverse

October 21, 2014

Once upon a time
News was more than opinion
And even now I like to search
The little two column inch stories
For they’re just the truth
With everything else squeezed away
We still find purity in conciseness.
Still I pick up a paper
From time to time when cycling
in case I’m somewhere without TP


From → dverse, humor, poetry

  1. And you never know when you’ll need to wrap fish, glassware or start a fire. Nicely done.

  2. this no fiction … 🙂

  3. “LOL” However, now that you mention it, I do miss reading the paper in bed on Sunday morning, doing the puzzles. It was once a treasured routine.

  4. With some exceptions, of course, the days of objective reporting seem to have gone by the wayside. Sometimes the only way to get anything out of an article is to read the first couple of paragraphs, quickly scan the middle, then read the ending. You’ve come up with the best use for most of what’s in today’s newspapers.

    • The scariest thing is that no democracy survives without an unbiased news. Seems like TMZ is the only honest source now.

  5. Groovy piece. Love the ending- very funny.

  6. Ha. Love this. The ending is too funny! Very clever.

  7. Good for training puppies and under the litterbox. It is however a dying art this newspaper world. Where is Clark Kent when we need him.

  8. This is great. And just as you say that concise is more effective, the length of your poem proves that point. I also like the humor at the end.

  9. Yes, it is harder to hide lies in the open.

  10. Ha 🙂
    I like concise stories too. Harder & harder to find these days.

  11. This is really nice!

  12. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    That’s a nice thought, the truth in conciseness.

  13. nowadays these facts are few, mostly all opinions & this is happening all over the world…now i’m convinced that truth rules nowhere…sigh

  14. The purity is in conciseness …every time:)

  15. YES.. there was a time.. when News was like Dragnet.. just the facts M’am.. and then get on to Other business…of Real Life..

    And now it’s mostly propaganda.. and who sells the most commercials with hyperbole..

    Ahh.. the days of Walter Cronkite.. and 22 minutes.. without commercials was all there was… 5 times a week..

    It’s flabbergasting to me.. that my local TV station.. that i no longer watch.. has a full hour and a half of news a night… and it is almost all negative from start to finish… as there is enough bad stuff out of a population of close to 500M.. in the metro area.. to keep the bad stories fully loaded and highlighted every night for an hour and a half.. of how bad things are in pockets here and there….

    My wife still watches.. it.. and she wonders why i’m always happy…

    i can’t convince her.. we become what we feed our minds.. It’s a car wreck.. she still can’t seem to turn her eyes away from…

    We humans are funny like that.. as i know i was too..

    for decades2… one could convince me then..

    either.. until it clicked…;)and i changed the channel..

    of my life.. true…to brighter things of life….as there are so many things to find..

    in that arena of LIGHT!when one simply seeks.. looks.. and finds IT!..:)as their OWN!being….

  16. Cool…I enjoy reading the stories….

  17. I still enjoy reading those short stories and opionion columns ~ A lot of substance in those posts & sometimes more personal in approach than the headlines itself ~

  18. cute ending… yes, it’s amazing what makes news not-a-days

  19. I understand your point about columnists. Some of them write with more hindsight, not just on the spur of the moment. I like the way you recycle newspapers.

  20. there was a time before there were channels for liberals and channels for conservatives…funny how the same news story can be presented so different on each one…its a continued fracturing of our society into groups…factions…that keeps conflict going….

  21. And maybe they are just as informative… those small little news. It can be used to wrap fish in too…

    • when you read the headlines, the small ancillary stories often confirm or deny the big article’s viewpoint

    • Plus, my dad taught me that’s the way to wrap the sardine can 🙂

  22. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Back in our family’s outhouse days, we liked to use the Sears catalog for TP, lasts longer, & the ink did not print words on your butt. Nice take on the prompt, sir; sassy & bang on.

  23. Very well said Bill – we still find purity in consciousness.

  24. Good one, Bill! Yes, the short stories sometimes do include the gems; and ha, about the use for the newspaper. I think that was what it was often used for in the old days.

    • sometimes I read stories that are not on the editorial page that have comments such as “everyone knows” and I think when did agenda become more important than facts.

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