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glorious music – dverse

October 14, 2014

Her depression my sorrow
A place my hands, my heart
Could never reach.

I visited once
And watched her unbag groceries
Each item assigned it’s proper place.

She hummed to herself
Oblivious to me, to pain,
I don’t recall another song so glorious


From → dverse, poetry

  1. very moving. loved this.

  2. Deep without the clutter of unnecessary words. A nice read!


    Mark Butkus

  3. bittersweet yet so beautiful! the love and tenderness shine out and touch the reader. stunning!

  4. very touching and hauntingly sad.

  5. Wow, there is so much more behind these words…a compact piece that really packs a punch. The simplicity of humming to comfort and cope….so very real.

  6. Such a strong write and so tender–depression is something that many of us know well I think

  7. This really was a strong poem. It is good to hear a person sing no matter what inspires it.

  8. Insightful and poignant poem…inner music is most powerful…and healing.

  9. I like how a poem that started sad turned out to be inspiring.

  10. “A place my hands, my heart
    Could never reach.”

    Brilliantly done

  11. Beautiful Bill. Music works for us on so many levels.

  12. Nice! Two years ago, I wouldn’t have understood this poem.

  13. You have captured the unimaginable. Depression affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, and we need ways to communicate through the pain. Profound words

  14. Those who hum or whistle seem to have joy in their hearts but some are fighting the cloud of depression..I understand and am glad you do

  15. Groovy piece- loved how the last line brought it all together.

  16. That does sound like a glorious song. To hear that someone’s happy after depression makes everyone happy.

    • to me, singing in the shower, no matter how out of tune is a great indicator of mental health ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. So touching…

  18. There are some places where its painful and depressing to one person, and we can’t go there nor even begin to understand it ~ Very touching and a different approach to “music” ~ Good one Bill ~

  19. Those old blues songs are wonderful for humming when you are low – am sure it must help.
    A moving, tender write – and yes, oh, yes, that feeling of helplessness, of being the bystander and unable to quite reach in…

  20. To hear the song of someone’s heart..
    closed off before.. yet feeling heart..
    in song of love.. for humming way..

    is the bird of heart.. that i too..
    love to see set free..
    from cages of soul..

    that never seem to see..
    and love


  21. When all things have left
    Of memories bereft
    The days are not long
    If you live in a song

    Powerful words Bill

  22. Her humming touched your heart. Sensitive and compassionate poem.

  23. i think that music can help against depression and ease the sorrow a bit..

    • I think the that the inner music, or the lack thereof might reflect where the person is in life.

  24. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen; riverboat ballad. Who says that all songs & their lyrics have to leave you smiling or tapping your foot? Depression Blues; it’s going around. Very strong stuff, this piece, would melt hearts of tungsten; terrific take on the prompt, perfectly realized & personalized.

  25. this poem harbors an incredible amount of strength… especially since my mom deals with depression and it hurts to feel like I can’t do anything about it.

    • I’m glad this resonated with you – that makes the poetry worth wile. Sometimes in my heart I would think, “If you could just sing, I know everything would be better…”

  26. well for so few words
    you made me tear up
    quite a bit.


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