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October 2, 2014

I bought her red Converse
Chuck Taylors we called them,
Just $9.95 when I played varsity.
She drew on them, marked with intricate
Designs and metal riveted studs
Complex like her thoughts.
At the thrift store
Where she knew just the right
Vintage jacket hid
A burly young man approached
“Nice shoes” he said
Fist extended
A fist bump salute


From → poetry

  1. just a few months ago i bought my first converse shoes ever – and didn’t even realize that it is a “famous” brand – they just fitted well.. smiles.. what a cool story.. some things carry quite a bit of history on their back…or soles…smiles

    • I was so proud of the red pair, I also had a black pair ( which was the standard ), and I wore them to work as a carpet cleaner. Later when I would take my girlfriend to the beach ( we lived near Lake Erie in Ohio ) if my black carpet cleaning converse got wet, they would bubble up when I walked from all the detergent….

  2. The sneaks sound gorgeous!

    • The 1973 varsity basketball team wore those red chuck taylor sneakers, ( and we were being wild and crazy with the red shoes ), as I mentioned they were $9.95. When I bought my daughter a pair because they were in vogue again after a generation of being out of fashion – they were $29.95 – I don’t think she knew how the shoes linked the generations, but teens are more tied to the now and tomorrow, not the yesterdays

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