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assurance for a friend – limerick

September 22, 2014

Your limericks couldn’t be finer
If embossed in blue on fine china
If some call you uncouth
They don’t understand sooth
And must be an envious whiner


From → humor, limerick, poetry

  1. Hi Bill. How are you and Janet? I have just caught up a little and discovered you really have a talent for dverse! I’m enjoying them.

  2. ha – i wouldnt’ mind a limerick in blue on fine china..smiles

  3. And now for this thing about sooth…
    (Are you sure you don’t have a loose tooth?)
    For if sooth be told,
    Though it’s as solid as gold,
    You can’t fill a loose tooth with sooth.

    (and that’s the truth!)

  4. I’m glad you responded in kind-er,
    and thanks for the nicest rejoinder,
    I’m glad that you play
    with words in this way.
    It’s a good way, I think, to unwind-er.

    πŸ˜‰ Randy

  5. πŸ˜€

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