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2 days from home – dverse

September 17, 2014

Some fly to Arizona and find a car
Almost new and barely used
Just seek out the old-timers
Who’ve shrunk enough
That the steering wheel obstructs their view

Two long days back with a six year old riding shotgun
But pack some snacks, coloring books
And plan to sing and play I spy
The car smoothly sends the miles by
Let ice-cream at dawn ensure a smile

North past Flagstaff might lead the way
to Meteor Crater or the Grand Canyon depths
Dare the long-cut cross the Rez
While little eyes scan that dry, harsh beauty
For the Route 44 signs to lead us home

Route 66 meanders near, and we drove a while there
Just to test the car – it needs to sail through time
Where the stories and heroes live
To make the journey fine
And jumping on the motel bed a bit’s ok

I remember Mexican near Albuquerque
The mutton Indian taco’s we almost got
and passing up the cheapest gas,
For in the Indian trading post
you needn’t buy – the value is the sparkle in the eye

Late into night, the last mile’s gone
consumed like so many that have come before
She squeals and leaps into her mother’s arms
I think I smiled, rich from the vision
of the world through a child’s eyes


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Really beautiful poem and now I really want to take my sweetie-pies on a road trip.

  2. Great memories captured so well here. I love Route 66. As far as Indian tacos go…..excellent, though I have never had them with mutton.

    • Yep, it was on the rez, and I was unsure about stopping because it was late, and sometimes those joints can be a punch palace.

  3. I’m always surprised by the number of young people who start remembrances with “when I was three….” I’m sure your daughter has wonderful memories of her special trip(s) with Dad; one-on-one means so much in the long run. Good story, Bill, and it sounds as if you got a good car as well.

    • Yep – got a couple. One for my oldest when she was 16. When we picked it up she said, “Dad, this looks like an old person’s car, I don’t want to drive it.” I said, that’s fine, we can sell it when you get back and you can walk.

      She drove it almost 60,000 miles. 🙂

  4. the world IS a much richer place through a child’s eyes…which makes me wonder why we ever stopped in the first place!

  5. oh wow… what a journey… and how exciting it must’ve been for her as well… and hey… i know Albuquerque from breaking bad…ha

    • I think it’s route 25 that runs up to Albuquerque from the South. You drive through a valley surrounded by desert mountains, desolate and beautiful – one of my favorite places. Not sure I’d want to live there now, with all the
      border stuff going on – but a lovely lovely place.

  6. It’s a good thing the two of us both like to travel and it’s a gift we’ve given the girls, along with the memories of many wonderful trips and experiences.


  7. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    I live in WA state, but my wife is Texan, so road trips throughout the Southwest are our summer’s fare. This lovely poem makes me want to gas up & point the hood south by southwest; thanks.

    • Thanks – I don’t think road trips are the same with dvd’s and tv in the car. maybe I’m just being foolishly sentimental, but it seemed we really talked when we took road trips.

  8. This brought fond memories back from the 8 months I lived in Arizona.. A special thing to drive through that part.

    • if you got to the petrified forest, and walked a bit, behind one hill is a small depression with about 10,000 pieces of wood – polished by the ages, off the path but one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  9. You have given her and yourself unforgettable memories. I am sure she remembers the trip as dearly as you do.

    • at that age, I think they remember what we tell them, that frames the memory so I make it sound great 🙂

  10. What a joy to take such a journey with a child & to experience those adventures through a child’s eyes. I really liked the rich details you included.

    • I did it with each girl when they were young, and they are some of my favorite memories. I later did the drive with my oldest when she was 16 and that was fun, but in a different way.

  11. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is an unforgettable experience ~ Thank you for bringing us to your journey ~

  12. Ah, some car journeys are the best – well remembered stuff here 🙂

  13. some unforgettable memories gathered on the pathways of life…nicely described…

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