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in emptiness – dverse

September 9, 2014

In emptiness
We welcome death
Not soft and gentle rest
But a deserved violent last period
We hope fills the hollow
caverns of the heart.

Bitterness denies
The clenched fist relaxed
Transforms to soothing palm
The harsh tongue halted
might whisper of healing
that other paths exist.

Love and kindness too fill a man
Blessed be the peacemakers.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. clenched fists, harsh tongues and peacemakers a nice contrast…it’s a beautiful poem of light covering darkness…

  2. there is an interesting progression in the feel of each stanza…violent to relaxed to peace. nicely done.

  3. Peacemakers are needed to maintain balance between darkness and light..

  4. Blessed be the peacemakers. It is peace that heals the bitterness. I love how you express this here.

  5. it really does talk about the darkness

    Notes From A Metro Line

  6. Emptiness and bitterness are definitely dark parts of life…but love and kindness and peacemaking are welcome light.

  7. A contrast between the two stanzas, with a neat summing up in the third. It’s far too easy to allow one’s self to be filled with anger and bitterness, isn’t it?

    • It’s a 14 line un-rhymed freehand sonnet 🙂 which really means it’s just a poem that didn’t smooth out.

  8. this was inviting… death too often not welcomed

  9. peace is what we all need..and we seek knowingly or unknowingly ..

  10. Good transition here, Bill, from the aggressive first stanza to the calming second, to the positive outlook of the third. Well done.

    • Thanks VB, if this poem were a football game, I would say I didn’t leave it all on the field, but given the events in football recently – I guess that’s ok 🙂

  11. Well written verses, I vent a lot on blogs but never out loud to anyone. Maybe once every two years. But never never the way I write. Usual role of peacemaker. Just self torment nowadays. Read many years ago about the tongue being the worst and most dangerous weapon humans have. We can heal with kind words.

  12. Ah, it is a wonderful thing indeed when a bitter person finds his way out! Indeed, blessed be those peacemakers among us!

  13. I like the shortness of your lines, and think ‘Bitterness denies / The clenched fist relaxed / Transforms to soothing palm…’ particularly strong.

  14. bitterness denies the clenched fist relaxed, great line. Death brings many things.

  15. Brendan permalink

    Strong inner contradictions here, unresolved on the issue of death: In the, the blessed peacemaker may be dying itself. Or maybe not. That’s a seasoned conflict.

  16. Beautiful poem.

  17. To remain – to be here.. Blessed be love and pacemakers..

  18. You express the dichotomy between the struggles of life and the hope of peace to eventually be attained. I can read this on a personal and global level. How to find peace in our world now when so much hatred seems to rule?

  19. blessed be he peacemakers – sometimes people change in the face of death and kindness shines through where there was hate – think when we feel life come to a close we re-think – i wish more people would in earlier years

  20. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Some rage against the dying of the night, ala Dylan Thomas, others we hope find egress to some slivers of truth, some insight into the process of life, death, rebirth. Strong response to the prompt.

  21. Every smile and word is precious a step toward and step away from death in life..i’ve been to the emptiness and pain..where death was only prize..but to rise from the ashes of to truly know for me there is more to this life than meets the life…of i and I and me and us we are as same as us…..the prize of death is now love… least for me now..

    The cavern of darkness is worth all the steps back up to light…too for me now..too….@leastnow2!

  22. hmmm, yes, and make peace with ourselves.

  23. You hit on the depression in exact measure here…thought of Robin Williams..but it’s beautifully written just for that reality effect..there’s no denying this state exists…perhaps he found another path?

  24. kindness & love certainly do… we pay more attention when it’s negativity filling us, rather than positivity. Peace rules all, I wish the world could see…

  25. Yes it does and we need more peacemakers ~

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