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of flowers and renewal – dverse

September 1, 2014

I most regret
The flowers passing
Each created for the folly
Of tomorrow’s promise.
And as Autumnal colors rise
Then fade to brown and fall
I’m left to reconstruct
The blossom’s fragile scent
in memories of you


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  1. Scent of flowers will rekindle wonderful memories! How true bill!


  2. Scents can remind us of so much. Love how this is like an elegy.

  3. Beautiful writing. You accomplished much – building emotions, weaving images – with a few words.

  4. pretty…the height of emotion in so few words 😉

  5. Lovely, bittersweet feel to this.

  6. This is beautiful, though sad. I like your connection to flowers passing, their scent a memory. So nicely done.

  7. so melancholy…love the line about the folly of tomorrow’s promise.

    • thanks – that’s the one I liked too. Love is like a promise, a seed that sometimes doesn’t make it through the seasons.

  8. Brightly written for a very bright watercolors. It really catches your eyes.
    Soon it will be all changed. That is all that is left is memories of summer.

  9. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    The transience of blossoming beauty, like making love itself is essential to our living in the moment; even the existence of perennials & evergreens to not dampen our enthusiasm for the fleeting apex of emotions; terrific take on the artwork.

  10. “I’m left to reconstruct
    The blossom’s fragile scent
    in memories of you”

    Such powerful words. Beautiful poem, Cheers!

  11. Elegant sweet poem.

  12. “I’m left to reconstruct
    The blossom’s fragile scent
    in memories of you”………beautiful..

  13. What a perfect little poem – scents do evoke such powerful memories, don’t they?

  14. I’m left to reconstruct
    The blossom’s fragile scent
    in memories of you……beautiful lines.

  15. Reconstructing their scent – love that phrase.

    • thanks, I liked “tomorrow’s promise” for seed. Claudia’s sketches are vivid and evoke good poetic images.

  16. reconstructing the blossoms fragile scent
    in memories of you…such a beautiful set of closing lines on this one sir…
    scent and memory def string together…

  17. a perfect poetic melancholy – I really enjoyed this.

  18. Very romantic…with a fragile memory of loss it seems.

  19. Too bad on the summer blooms fading quickly ~I like that fragile scent in the end ~

  20. This is beautiful with a romantic last line which throws a different line on the whole poem.

    • I couldn’t decide on the last line, or if it made the poem cheesy – but I’m glad you like it. I am glad the flowers always return.

  21. Oh yes, I regret the passing of flowers too. I mourn them in autumn, as we will have to live through a long winter before we see them again!

  22. the fragile scent is so emotive.

  23. smiles… esp. magnolias wither way too quickly… and leave a terrible mess… love how you built in scent and connect it with a memory…

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