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marbles – dverse

August 21, 2014

Sine waves undulate
The cycle of lives
From almost nothing we arrive
We climb, we peak
Inevitably decline
A vibration, nothing more
Unless by chance
Protons setting others free
Cascading marbles
The universe reverberates,
Echoing in those we touched


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Love the great vibrations of this and hadn’t thought about sine waves in awhile. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  2. I really like your close bw!

  3. Hadn’t thought of Sine waves to describe life, but it sure works. Makes me think of an old Beach Boys song….Good Vibrations, for some reason. “LOL”, now it’s stuck in my head!

  4. very interesting…I like this…the idea of the marble disturbing the pattern of life I how we touch one another’s lives. (I almost accidentally typed “loves” instead of “lives”…spellcheck would not have caught it, but it may still have worked well…)

  5. Life and living untouched remain in a static state. Mankind has always moved in ways seeking change and progress. Wonderful write bill!


  6. Beautifully penned.

  7. We ‘re small, yet influential…really like how you captured that idea, scientifically speaking.

  8. Nice…how well you encapsulated life’s undulating, moving mysteriousness in such few words here!

  9. a little science in poetry today… nice combination

    • except for free verse, poetry, especially sonnets are very mathematical, almost formulaic.

  10. the grand scheme is well patterned…nicely captivated. 🙂

  11. Marbles, sine waves, bell curves, the shape of a life, the reverberations affecting life. Another set of patterns to life – agree with Victoria – a novel metaphor for life. Well done.

  12. The proton marbles as part of the cycle of life.. Impressive stuff Bill.

  13. Very well written, the macro/micro wed.

  14. beautifully woven.

  15. So well done Bill, you capture the patterns of life nicely.

  16. Oh, very nice.”The universe reverberates, Echoes in those we touch” love that

  17. do you think it is by chance that we are brought together…i wonder…some touches feel so right there def seems to be some thought behind it somewhere…smiles…def you captured the pattern of life…on the grand scale..

    • no, I don’t think it’s chance – the universe is too wonderfully crafted. But I think that we change the world by those we touch, with love for the better, with hate for the worse

  18. We’re all in this pattern of life, a vibrating cycle, ebbing and flowing, fading out like an echo. Nicely done!

  19. Nature is where all patterns began, isn’t it?

  20. I think we can oftentimes see evidence of those echoes.

  21. Nice use of this phenomenom as a metaphor. You did a great job carrying it through to multiple levels.I enjoy the blend of art and science.

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