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on going home and suicide – dverse

August 12, 2014

Silence lingers where we walked
Left only memory of our talks
The house of pain, yours alone
Forced you on the journey home.
Yet still
Those on other paths spoke of will
We forever left to tread in doubt
Must shout
To heaven for release
In hopes at last your soul found peace


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Johnd955 permalink

    It’s a mammoth playground built of mountains, hills, lakes, kebkgekdafad

  2. a stunning write. it’s hard to understand someone else’s house of pain and what might drive them to the peace of an everlasting home.

    • thanks – I wish the mechanics of the poem had worked better, but I’m glad the message resonated with you.

      Internal suffering is the bitterest of pain.

  3. Well spoken!

  4. So hard to understand why anyone makes this choice. But we must view this with compassion for the person, whose agony we don’t know. Nice of you to write about this.

  5. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    What Robin’s choices said to me is that as we aspire & dream & fantasize along the way, never gaining wealth, success, fame; thinking it would be the holy grail–the answer to success is an inside job; where somehow we find joy within the simplicity of our meager accomplishments, surround ourselves with a loving family, & inhabit the Now fully. Suicide, clinical depression, mental illness, PTSD–all are without logic, without empirical clarity–like a whirlwind that sweeps through our life unsolicited, unwelcome, uninvited.

    • Here. Here.
      For the majority of us, to the best of our abilities, life is an inside job.
      Clinical depression, manic-depression, mental illness, addictions, as the case may be, goes even deeper inside than for most of us, sadly. Randy

  6. a home where there’s no return.. very apt as of these days of course…

  7. oh heck… suicide is tough and leaves those behind with loads of unanswered questions…

  8. I hope he found peace… Robin Williams has brought so much light into this world, yet darkness was within. Ugh, that just caught me off guard; you never what’s going on, on the inside…

  9. Very nicely put….;)

  10. lots of good emotional riffs to ponder and to grieve over in this poem.

    the silence, the void, that fills the space of lost intimacies
    the difficulty in understanding what drives another to extremes
    the thinking that there is something wrong with another’s will
    maybe man up
    and the anger we feel for the loss
    and the turning to a higher authority to question why
    and the hope of hoping that there is eventually a peace to be found –

    nice stuff, Bill.

  11. The pain is intolerable for some. Very sad . The right help can turn everything around .Pity he could not find it.

  12. what a hard subject…when i heard about robin williams yesterday it was by text from a friend…and it caught me so off guard…its hard to understand from this side you know…and i have counselled several suicide survivors…

  13. Well I hope he finds his peace & home at last though the way he selected his path is tragic ~

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