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dverse – the surety of love

August 5, 2014

Crocodile tears touched her eyes
the day the old man died
a vision in her mourning black
women glowered and young men sighed

The old man had a fatal flaw
as foolish men often do
he thought his wealth could win the love
of the beauty who was untrue

He won his fortune in a game of skat
but the cards were marked we found
and she and I decided that
revenge must bring him down

And so she set to steal his heart
It wasn’t hard to do
A wink, a laugh, a knowing smile
no man could resist her wiles

So here he lays with a cold cold heart
foolish love was never surety
like many a man struck down too soon
by the size of his insurance policy


From → dverse, humor, poetry

  1. I’m not sure if my other comment posted. I really enjoyed your story and your humor. Thank you for the visit to my blog. You have a wonderful way with words

  2. Thank you for the fun story, the smile and for the visit to my blog πŸ™‚ You have a wonderful way with words πŸ™‚

  3. quite an entertaining story…under normal circumstances, I’d feel sorry for him…but he did cheat…still…I hope the death was not under suspicious circumstances.

  4. Ah, sometimes that wealth thing is an impediment to love. Often, the cynical me looks askance at the pairing of an old filthy rich man and a young beautiful woman. But then of course, I am only seeing from the outside….

  5. Very clever tale you told…a lesson on old fools, card cheats, and cold, cold cash.

  6. Ha. Funny how old men (young ones too) can have blinders and be fooled. Well, he was going to die anyway, so I hope he enjoyed the time he shared with the vamp.

    • love can make idiots of the best of us πŸ™‚

      I think he died with a smile πŸ™‚

  7. Not like you to be so cynical. Old guys can be gorgeous. They can’t help it if they are rich as well:)

  8. Ahh..the sign of dollars..a winding path to nowhere true..a lottery of wisdom..never bought..and a wife never true value of soul…:)and heart..and spirit true!..have a nice day..billgnc..and on course of course smiles 2 ya2!

  9. oh the sly woman !!..but it was the old man’s karma…nice story telling here… πŸ™‚

  10. ohoh…. he should’ve known that love cannot be bought… so i don’t even feel sad for him for being tricked…ha

  11. gailatthefarm permalink

    Great! I love the tom foolery that went on in your story.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

  12. So.. he’s like Dan McGrew? 😎

  13. That’s pretty wicked! Nicely done, great lines here.

  14. Funny but a bit bitter sweet, I guess! You cannot help feeling a bit sorry for the old man.

  15. “like many a man struck down to(o) soon
    by the size of his insurance policy.”

    and I thought size didn’t matter.

    cute poem. Randy

  16. Ooh, the last line!
    Very different from your usual writing, quite entertaining!

  17. I enjoyed the ballad like poem ~ I say he got his just rewards of cold cold heart ~

  18. Ha, everyone gets their just reward (or punishment)!

  19. Wow! and you did it with meter and rhyme. Cheating just doesn’t pay off, does it?

  20. Ha. love that last line.. and cheating in cards can bring on revenge.. good for the survivors…

    • well, Jan and I are in Wyoming so it seemed like a wild west revenge would be in order πŸ™‚

  21. struck down by the size of his insurance policy…hahahahaha…
    oh that sounds like sweet revenge…and in the end
    he lost it all..

    both love & money

  22. cool take on the prompt.

  23. What a clever, thought provoking poem! I really, really enjoyed how this one flowed. Sometimes people don’t take the time to recognize that they are foolish before it is too late. Maybe we all can learn a little bit from this.

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