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fugue – dverse

July 29, 2014

Our place between
Sunlight and coalesced dream.
Soft sultry promises
Hide within rustling silk
A glimpse, a bare shoulder
Bolder, breathless laughter
Your mystery leads
To dawn


From → dverse, poetry

  1. very nicely put can wonder a lot about dream state..:)

  2. You really got me thinking over these few but so well chosen words. How I interpreted this is that when you’re in an intimate relationship with someone you can lose your identity through your rapt attention on them…thus the reference to fugue. And maybe that is a type of “altered state”…if you know what I mean…

    • thank you for honoring this poem by thinking of it. I really appreciate it. And yes, you captured the original intent.

  3. You put together sweetness and shadow in one piece. A different facet shows with each reading.

  4. It seems like a perfect passing!

  5. Beautiful, sultry…this is the way to dream

  6. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    For some reason, I had a whole different take on this; intimacy as opiate, our own hormones as drugs–unless this was a shared dream, why then “our place between’; & I loved your creative boldness in making those sensual choices.

  7. This is such a perfect title for this, Bill, and in few words, well-chosen, you reveal it.

  8. A brilliant write – this would be a dream to savor

  9. Well, after reading this masterful piece (and I mean that I really liked it),
    it dawned on me that my state of fuguiness had cleared up.

    what a nice sensual late night piece
    of exotic promise
    teasingly leading
    to discovery


    • Thanks Randy – I see you’re still forking around 🙂

      • No way was i forking around. Not me.
        Maybe you’re implying that I speak with forked tongue, but that is so indelicate.
        However, I thought your fugue piece was a delicately worded to imply a forky side….

  10. Love this, there’s so much to wonder about our dream state.

  11. And true..while i’ve never been on the artificial
    kind of the way a fully dressed woman
    looks like
    when one is doing
    and the women
    oh boy..
    are truly
    they are on it 2!
    smiles..and have a great day2!:)!

  12. ah, to me, this ask the question, “do we lose ourselves when we sleep?” I often wonder if those weird dreams really have a meaning…

  13. fugue from psychiatry…a loss of ones identity…
    intriguing how that sets the rest of this on its end…
    i was going to say that could be one fun mystery til dawn…
    but that puts a shadow over it…

    • It’s an interesting word – and that place between, well that too. Are we the same when we dream ?

  14. Ha. I have never heard of a fugue described like this. Believe it or not I was going to write a poem about a fugue but now I wont because it would pale in comparison . Just stunning !

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