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at the tour de france

July 24, 2014

It’s timing that makes the race
the pause, the wait not reckless pace
If suffering a virtue be
behold the saints
who reach Champs-Elysees


From → humor, poetry

  1. Like the spaces between the words that give them power.

  2. The waiting for courageous men.. A great feat of tactics and endurance.. Hope you both have fun.

  3. So true..the excellence in sports is in the flow..the adrenaline is only short lived..and in grace the flow comes better than muscle driven resistance against..instead of with a team..gravity is the best player played as WIN..not only in cycling but the sport of life2!..smiles and have a great rest of SUNday 2ya!:)

  4. It takes courage for those who cycle every day so that the champions will win and be in the limelight while they remain in the dark, brave and anonymous athletes.

  5. Excellent. I do think you are right about the timing. Those who gauge it well come out well in the end.

  6. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Neat and clever – well executed Bill… A little pearl for Sunday… With Best Wishes Scott

  7. I can see how this can be a great metaphor for life, too. It’s amazing to watch those athletes and witness their endurance. And to think of all the work that goes into training for the race. I lived in France for a few years, but never got to witness it.

    • this year Jan ( my wife ) and I got to be at the finish for a mountain stage. It was everything we thought it would be.

  8. Lovely in the limerick style – very musical, with meaning. Well done.

  9. Timing and pacing can win you the race for sure ~ Good one ~

  10. I really enjoy keeping up with the Tour de France. I’m amazed at those athletes!

    • We saw a finish to a mountain stage, and those men are suffering as they come up the long steep ( we walked up ) grade to the finish.

      It was great to see, and daunting to drive the course and realize these men are crossing that in a matter of hours by bike.

      • I didn’t realize that you were actually there! Wow…that’s great, Bill. Thanks for coming by…always enjoy our exchanges.

  11. AKA The Wheeling Saints of Champs-Elysees.

    To be serious for a moment – very nice limerick.

    Now to be a little pun-ee
    I read it out loud.
    It is also excellent – spoke-n


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