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second wind – dverse

June 25, 2014

The Gentle breeze might lift the leaves
Coax Mountain Aspen to weep like rain
The first sweat, the first tackle
Toss us freely sprinting into time
The steepest climb burns our legs
Purified, yet the windy descent renews
What happens when the breeze is still?
What happens when we come to know –
There is no second wind.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. you have conveyed a very strong message in few words..:)

  2. you have conveyed a very strong message with few words..:)

  3. I love the message you gave in these lines. We hope sometimes for that second wind. Sometimes it comes, but in the end… does not. And we must face the end.

  4. What happens when we know there can be no second wind?
    Never accept it and think of something else:)

  5. The lack of a second wind… the sentiment hits like a gut-punch, much like the sudden loss of a loved one. Deeply felt.

  6. Discovery can lead is to a new place but it may not be what we were looking for.

  7. The lack of second wind … such a strong image on what happens when life’s struggle is finally over.

  8. that is a tight image for losing someone – for having no second chance to talk to them again… felt..

  9. With aging comes the realisation that time is running out. It will happen to all of us…just keep writing poetry! That is what I am doing:)

  10. Can I be cheeky and suggest a slight reversal of words?
    Coax Mountain Aspen to become “Mountain Aspen coaxed to weep like rain”
    BTW, my comments are disposable.

    • Cheeky is good 🙂 – did you like the change for meaning or flow or something altogether different ?

      • Indeed for flow. It is what it sounded like in my head in first instance because it stopped the -en- in Aspen from being in the way.
        It also gives a feeling of rain coming down. Maybe others hear it differently.

        • Thanks – sometimes I like to start sentences with verbs to give them a different feel – break the normal rhythm of the pattern.

          I love the chance to discuss opinions on matters like this so please feel that my door is always open – bw

  11. Brendan permalink

    So our second wind is a vanity, a cherished illusion, as if there are really second chances in nature, even in our nature. If there isn’t then this dash is the only one that matters. How lonely and exhilarating …

  12. There is no second wind or second chance – one life is all we have. And I don’t mind getting my muscles fatigued while living it. Or am I perhaps reading something else into this?

  13. This sounds exhilarating !

  14. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Suppose America started a war & nobody came? The thing about epiphanies is that we may be somewhat more enlightened, but there is no guarantee that what we discover will lighten our load; quite the contrary, it can add to the baggage, the back pack we are already lugging. Terrific write today.

  15. One has to live and give life all he got whether or not he knows there is or is not a second wind.

  16. I am always hoping there is a second wind specially when its hot 🙂

  17. I don’t know? What?

  18. I sense some deeper meaning in this Bill, the basis for a sound discussion on life and where we are and coming to. Very well written.

  19. Beautiful imagery. 🙂

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