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ancestory – dverse

June 10, 2014

My genome claims
Neanderthal within my veins
Though many claim Cro-magnon
Predecessors devoured mine
in a ritual canabalistic feast
My DNA shows sometimes…
they met in heat.

Here’s a test result from 23andme

* * *

  1. Oh!!! I love this!!! Best response ever!

  2. Interesting and funny πŸ™‚
    I recall that earlier post

  3. Oh my, unbelievably funny!

  4. Proving once again that “that” heat will get you every time! A witty glimpse on the Way Back Machine, Mr. Peabody! πŸ˜‰

  5. Jennifer G. Knoblock permalink

    I am just trying to imagine this ritual feast…great punch with that last line.

  6. I guess at some point we all go back that far, gosh it would be interesting to see the other steps through history that our genes might take us… great take on the prompt.

  7. How interesting.. Had no idea that could be proven…you really went far back with yours

  8. haha… love how far back your history trip took you… when i wrote mine i thought about going back to noah for a moment…smiles

    • I did the genetic testing after I had cancer to see if it looked like I had the bad cancer genes that I might have passed to my daughters. I think they tested for Neanderthal from a cache of bones out of France.
      It’s fun, but I still believe we were created πŸ™‚

      I was going to write about my grandmother who came over on a boat as a 16 year old speaking no English, illiterate with a few silver dollars sewn into her dress seams. That poem will take some time to percolate.

  9. Ha..this is great!!

  10. Wow Bill we may be related. Or was it my lot may have eaten your lot? Obviously not as you survived. Great take on this, well done.

  11. Going back in history, clever.

    • Still thinking about a poem about my grandmother who was illiterate because when the truant officer came to take her to school, he Eastern European parents bribed him with a goat to leave her at the farm.

  12. I notice “genome” is one e away from “gnome” ….as in garden gnome. Gnomes are like cute little contemporary garden Cro-magnon Predecessors. Not sure if gnomes are known for procreating. πŸ˜‰

  13. ha. you went way back in history…and i guess along the way a few might have been eaten…i guess some things dont change though as the next phase of evolution will surely eat us….

  14. That’s really far back smiles ~ I would like to believe we were all related somehow even if some of us were devoured by others ~

  15. You certainly went very far back in your ancestry! I had no idea this could be proved through DNA.

  16. Oh this is such a joy! You can have DNA tests to prove this, or at least show likelihood – Eddie Izzard I seem to remember is of Neanderthal stock.

  17. Very clever approach here. I wonder if we all can claim Neandrathal. What do you think?

    • Maybe, I think they tested a cache of bones found in France which had some distinct genes.

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