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burdens – dverse

June 5, 2014


sometimes, there are no words.
just thoughts that cannot drift
between the reality of touch and taste
and the void within

sometimes, it was the best that they could do
yet we lace it up like ill fitting boots
and limp away to burdened lives
imagining we are the less for it

this time, I lay my burden down
that you who helped me bear it
braced me while I never understood the weight
can at last dance freely


From → dverse

  1. WOW wow wow, this is just what I needed Bill, perfectly beautiful.

  2. More than ever for me..a twinkle in an eye..that somehow lights up the rest of the face..
    even behind shades..
    is better than any words
    that come
    before affective emotes…
    powering love
    instead of
    to connect is divine..4love..
    to fix
    to fix…to fix is all….

  3. I like the image of lacing it up like ill fitting boots … yes sometimes we try our best and the words still don’t come out right … nicely done 🙂

  4. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Having never been a bit taciturn, just a loud-mouth Type-A dude, I never understood other’s silence; but when younger, I was not a good listener. I do a lot better today–age breeds wisdom & shit, right?

  5. The image of the ill-fitting boots – I like that a lot. There are those words.

  6. Yes, sometimes it is better to take the risk and say the words I think; and when one does, there is often a great feeling of relief, I think, for having REALLY said what one thought rather than hiding in the silence.

  7. Yes silence speaks volumes with the right person.

  8. Wow, this is so good.

  9. I like that laying down of burdens ~ Perhaps it may mean we are more trusting of others to share the burdens with us ~ Carrying that burden alone can be heavy and take its toll on us ~

    • Sometimes others help us carry our pain, and though they love us, we need to step up and let them dance.

  10. Great ending bill! One just cannot underestimate the strength of words!


  11. this made me smile…that there is one that will help carry those burdens…and to get to the point where you can relieve them so they can once more dance free…i like the subtle change to this time in the last stanza as well….

    • Yes, sometimes parents who didn’t do well did the best they could, and those in our lives deal with us – our pain becomes their pain. Sometimes we need to take the weight from them.

      And as for the big guy…. without his love I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here.

  12. I like the inference of your last line Bill, very well written.

  13. Really an eloquent write–especially your second stanza—

  14. And sometimes, those wordless times carry so much weight, and yet you are never quite sure what to say…

    • Agreed, I think one knows they are in love when the companionable silence is so satisfying.

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