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seed – dverse

June 4, 2014

Sow truth
Fragile flower
That who dares harvest
Can wield it as a sword

Seek truth
A whisper
Shout against the wind
Of oppressors

Nurture truth
And speak
From that place
That others may know your heart

honor truth
and those
who live truly in their lives
beyond their words


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Truth needs all of these things in order to thrive–beautiful write

  2. They say be careful what you wish for . . . seed or sword, you never know what you’re going to get.

  3. Truth does feel fragile and yet, I agree, in the end we respect those who live truly and are true to themselves.

  4. I agree, truth is a sword. Most find it uncomfortable. We should honour those who lead authentic selfless lives but unfortunately in real life this is not the case. You have reminded me of a University Professor I have heard of a long time ago, whose name I cannot even remember, who spent his entire life living in a rented room and gave most of his weekly university salary to the poor. I don’t think he ever received any recognition but I am going to research and write a poem about him if I can find out who is . Thank you.!

  5. Seek truth
    A whisper
    Shout against the wind
    Of oppressors

    How truly said. Oppressors are without compassion. One must always be on guard! Good write bill!


  6. Truth as seed and sword – it feeds and sometimes, it feeds.

    You buried it well, Bill – just the way I love it.

  7. Truth: a fragile flower that may eventually become a sword. So true!

  8. Hi Bil..i like the action of words..more than the word of mouth..4 truth that is..have a great day..and smiles..:)

  9. living true beyond their words… i wish more people did.. and…truth is sown and others take it as a sword… i had mixed feelings here… it’s s good sword but can be misused as well

  10. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    I wish truth was as accessible as other things, but damn, my truth is not necessarily yours; little white exaggerations, tweaks, forgotten pieces all emerge with the truth; padded, edited, messed-with; but like many other great concepts ( liberty, freedom, honesty, candor) it does represent a moral goal, a destination worth striking out for. Thanks for the comment on my site; guess you found some truth in the poetics.

    • I think truths are more universal than we expect, while beliefs do certainly vary.

      And yes, I thought your poem honest.

  11. Wonderful opening lines!

  12. “Sow truth
    Fragile flower
    That who dares harvest
    Can wield it as a sword”

    Such powerful lines you have here tonight.

  13. Very meaningful lines ~ I specially like the opening stanza of fragile flower, being wielded like a sword ~

  14. Those are so wisely said, and true too. Love how you put this together, almost proverb style.

  15. truth is what we seek, for sure
    there is more than enough false in the world
    but if you live in truth and sow truth
    what a much better life it is, eh?

  16. Beautiful..

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