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calm – dverse

May 21, 2014

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits. – Satchel Paige

calm is the space
between each breath
when anger’s quick gasp
each viscous breath
settling low, lower
chasing anger’s thoughts

Satchiel Paige was a boyhood hero, not learned and erudite, but wise in spirit and the success that comes from overcoming injustice. A web page honoring him is here:


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  1. Great words on the essence of moderating emotion..through breath..i tend to use motion..:)

  2. Yes, nothing like catching one’s breath and losing one’s anger in the process.

    • our breath mirrors our emotion – and when we manage it, we really do change how we feel. Such a little thing, such a big payback in meetings, in confrontations, in life.

  3. great quote, and loved the feel of this poem. It started calm, but the tensions built as you spoke of anger…but then in your last couple of lines, it felt like the words were meant to slow down…and that sense of calm returned.

  4. Love your first lines. So full of truth.

  5. “each viscous breath / settling low, lower”…i like the description of that process to chase anger…wise quote..

  6. I had never heard of Paige. I will check him out too. It is good sometimes to just sit, not always easy though.

  7. thanks for visiting my page……. And I have to learn this to be calm in my anger……… Cause when I get angry I cant control my self at all

  8. I also like this one “Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.

  9. I like the calmness between each breath or anger ~ I am checking out that link too ~

  10. sometimes it takes a bit to find that peace…perhaps to sit a bit and find it….
    satchell paige…very cool person to quote…

    • He was cool – I thought some of the visitors from outside the US might find him interesting.

  11. Your description of one trying to keep calm is spot on.

    Satchel Paige seems to be a truly great man – beyond being a great baseball player, he was a good father, brother, and son.

  12. I like the idea of chasing anger’s thoughts away…it is wonderful if one can find a way to do this. I will be checking out Satchiel Paige.

    • some of his quotes, are in the venacular today…

      “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” and others..

      a philosopher of the common people

  13. Bill, I like those moments of calm .. And what a hero to have.

  14. I used to love seeing Mr. Paige in interviews spinning his pearls of wisdom and wit. Indeed a very talented ballplayer . He missed his shot in the bigs, but we are all diminished by that fact! Thanks, BW.

    • Walt – thanks for stopping by, and yes, we are never diminished by someone else’s success.

  15. I checked out Satchiel Page’s site! Very cool, just like the poem!

    • He was one of the greatest players ever but could never play in the big leagues until long after his prime because of his color – his quotes are the essence of folk wisdom

      • Racial prejudice is an unfortunate & stupid situation.
        It’s amazing how few people possess folk wisdom.
        He was the bigger man!

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