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cycles – dverse tilus

May 15, 2014

Raindrops gently falling
Hiding her



One chisled Stone awaits



Minerals slowly disperse
Feeding new



Time ever bringing hope
Both lead to


From → dverse

  1. biggerthanalasagna permalink

    I like the progression through the poems from melancholy to hopeful. I think you really used the form well.

  2. These are wonderful set of beautifully sensitive Tilus, my friend. It has a story that everyone could relate to. Only the 3rd one exceeded the count but it’s ok for i truly enjoyed it. The first Tilus is just so emotionally perfect that i wish i’d written that. Thank you!

    p.s. i honestly thought i’ve commented earlier here, could you look at your spam folder pls… as most of comments in wordpress this late kept on getting filtered to spam… anyway… thanks again for trying a hand at Tilus & creating an exquisite result. I sincerely appreciate it. smiles.

    • thanks Kelvin – this was fun. I am glad you like them.
      I just read a commentary on “Ender’s Game” about how the author uses minimal description to allow our mind to fill in the scene. This form allows us to do that.

  3. Oh I love those falling raindrops, washing those tears, melancholic – but such a beautiful imagery.

  4. One can look forward to the elements forthcoming with lots of hope! Wonderful set Bill!


  5. life goes on regardless
    rain shine or

  6. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    These are lovely.

  7. i like the rain, old stones, and cycles of time bringing hope…cool series.

  8. Using a cemetery, headstone and rain – you covered several themes here, Bill.

    Good ones,

  9. Ah the first one touches a spot inside..

  10. crying in the rain…yes

  11. I really like the last one…..thinking about both time and hope leading to love! I think you are right.

  12. awwww…this poem is beautifully written my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This seems like a story unfolding ~ I like the short verses very much ~ Happy to see you trying out these forms, smiles ~

  14. Your first tilus hooked me – the number of times I’ve used the cover of rain to conceal tears… I loved the hopeful end.

  15. It’s the tears that erode the chiseled Stone…. because of their salt! The tears are of love.
    You’re right… all roads lead to love. โค (and love leads to all roads)

  16. I like the first one too, and the eroding stone. You have written a great and powerful series.

  17. CC Champagne permalink

    I just love how the first three of these fit together so seamlessly! Describing what rain does… *deep sigh* Love it!

  18. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Love your poetic singing in the rain, but Tilus 4 was my fave; like a well written fortune cookie; something to savor. Tilus 4 sounds like a rocket at NASA.

  19. The theme of water in the first 3 connects them. Still they work so well apart

  20. that second one is quite solemn…made me think of the cemetery…
    i like how you take it from there to new growth…

  21. oh i like the one with the mineral a lot… and the first as well… rain giving you cover for tears… that’s nice of it – yes?

    • there is comfort – and sometimes joy in the warm rain – and certainly misery in the cold ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. This feels like a rainy spring day and all the beneficial effects it brings. The first one startles!

    • yes – I was thinking of a rainy day, and the old old stones, sandstone or limestone that have been in place for ever and a day in a cemetary – that once were marked clearly but slowly fade as life goes on.

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