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last words – dverse

May 13, 2014

No shame where brown fades to grey
And wisdom laughs back as if to say
Never so fine as pride would claim
Nor so foul as self doubt’s refrain.
The smile is wry but not hard to find
Let them say at the end, “He tried to be kind.”


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Yes, that is the best we can ask for.

  2. Kind… of a nut! Kind of fun! Kind of kookey! Kind of a gourmet! Kind of a cyclist! Kind of a poet! Kind of a “know it”! Kind of a loyalist! Kind of a pal! Kind of sexy. Kind! 😎 (but all cool people know that!)

  3. I suspect they’ll say, “He was kind.” Your introspection reveals your wisdom.

  4. A lovely poem…”He tried to be kind” would be what I’d like people to say of me too…perhaps we don’t always succeed, but how much worse if we didn’t try?

  5. And an admirable purpose it is too…

  6. Nicely done.
    The last words – they’re a good way to be remembered by.

  7. “He tried to be kind” is about the best anyone can do, imho. Kudos.

  8. Fantastic tight writing, love it.

  9. Kindness is a wonderful thing!

  10. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Very punchy and tight piece of writing Bill yur close is an epitaph we’d all be happy with, I think… With Best Wishes Scott

  11. This is great, Bill. I’ve just been reflecting on some of the things aging has wrought on me. Great reminder that the smile is still there.

  12. it’s in indelible ink on everyone’s tombstone “he tried to be kind”

  13. ah…the last line’s stellar…

  14. They could say nothing better – i love this!!

  15. I like that legacy or remembrance – striving for kindness ~ A lovely response ~

  16. Kindness is one of a kind not many can reconcile with when called upon. To be aware is already a virtue and you’ve suggested well. Great thoughts Bill!


  17. You’re a very nice man. Of course you are kind.

  18. A legacy of being kind.. Yes it’s probably what we really want..

  19. smiles… i try to be kind a lot but don’t always manage… but sometimes it’s worth that we’ve tried… also overcoming self-doubt and shame.. i hear you

  20. Great “last words.” I love the brown fading to grey. And wisdom laughing back, along with “fine” pride, elicits for me a mental picture of the smile lines one comes to see in the mirror as time goes by. Nice work.

  21. be the best you, there’s so much you can do and be remembered for… Kindness is just one of the things I want to leave in my legacy.

  22. To be the best one can – that’s the most anyone can, I reckon.


  23. What more Bill could we aspire to be. very well stated.

  24. biggerthanalasagna permalink

    What a cool request that at the end we are remembered the best we tried rather than the mistakes. And what a kind break to give someone who struggles with self-doubt. Nice write.

  25. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    A lovely song to aging gracefully, to acceptance, to wisdom, & yes, God help us, to kindness.

  26. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Love the last line!

  27. Oh yes, this is so true. I would like to be remembered to as being kind. There can be no better legacy than that.

  28. For so many years..independence was the prize..

    But it was always the people who counted..

    i found that out..after independence is found and the people are gone…
    of course along with a stay without health as such..

    But with health..all i do is people now..

    The hell with money..and everything else..
    people is all that counts now…

    and when i do die..for good..

    i hope in REAL LIFE..the last thing people do remember
    is a smile from me…in REAL LIFE2…:)

  29. tried….you know yoda is probably rolling over in his grave…ha
    so true on never so foul as the self doubt, it will eat you alive

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