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seeing the horizon with you – dverse

April 22, 2014

Dawn on the highway heading west
Keeps us forever chasing shadows.
No map, just follow
Breadcrumbs of white paint
Marking where we’ve been
And where we’ve yet to go.
Long past South Dakota’s
Fiery fields of sun flowers
Aligned like soldiers
At attention to the light
The long horizon calls.
But we needn’t answer
Content in silence
To share the miles.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Wonderful write! Love road trips and breadcrumbs of white paint. The ending really made me smile:-)

    • thanks – we drove from Cleveland to Wyoming every year for over 20 years for vacation. We love road trips!

  2. I love the magic that can happen when we follow the breadcrumbs.

  3. You write wonderful poetry! This is so sweet! 🙂

  4. sharing the miles… nice… i love a good road trip… a bit of magic in it…

  5. You know I love this and live this with you every year. I do so love to travel and especially that annual trip.


  6. Chasing dawn shadows, breadcrumbs of white lines… brilliant road images. I imagine the silence in this as quite pleasurable.

  7. hmm…there is something very peaceful and enticing about this piece. I like the picture of white breadcrumb trails and the idea of the horizon calling.

  8. Sometimes there is wonderful camaraderie in just sharing miles together.

  9. Well done Bill, I know the silence of long trips, minds go off and wander, wondering what adventure awaits around the next corner. Enjoyed this poem.

  10. Ah SO GOOD!

  11. You build the motion, the pace of journey very nicely. Gives a rhythm to get attached to. Nice.

  12. I been on that drive, through SD’s sunflower (and wheat) fields. It’s almost hypnotic. A special kind of beauty.

  13. Journeys help us grow , thanks

  14. Sometimes the silence is what draw us further on..

  15. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Love the ending.

  16. CC Champagne permalink

    Painfully beautiful… In an ambiguous way… Great write!

  17. Love the white paint breadcrumbs and the sunflowers as soldiers. This has such a lovely feel to it.

  18. This has such a warm glow to it, I could feel the peace in that silence.

  19. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    South Dakota, yes, the narrow mountainous valley at Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Alfred Hitchcock souvenirs–uh huh, uh huh; excellent write; took me back.

  20. Reading this made me want to be there. I enjoyed it a lot.

  21. ha i like the flowers lined like soldiers…it is a dream of mine to drive all the way across the country…i have driven halfway…chasing shadows….smiles.

  22. Content in the silence, to share the miles – That’s the spirit of a road trip, to inhale those fields and light ~

  23. Silently, save for the soft hum, gliding over the tarmac. Can be peaceful, I reckon.

    • Every year for 21 straight years we drove 1400 miles from Cleveland Ohio to Sheridan Wyoming ( our vacation place in the mountains ). The directions – Get on I-90 drive 24 hours, then turn left

  24. “The horizon calls but we needn’t answer”… Nicely done. I love such road trips! 🙂

  25. I love road trips that take on a life of their own…”the horizon calls.”

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