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rage is red – poem dverse

April 3, 2014

Rage is red –
Blood and grass stained jersys
territory and resolve
covering a clenched fist of fury

Rage is a dagger
hurled with skill to maim
each syllable honed and sharpened
sound unable to be reclaimed

Rage is a phone
smashed, left dangling from the wall
twisted misshapen TV rabbit-ears
hurled broken to the floor

Rage is the bitter swallow
of the abhorent and unexplained
and seething through the lecture
of actions and other’s pain

Rage is silence


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Love this depiction of rage, one of my favorites.

  2. When I read it aloud, I get the full impact of your poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i find in life..moreover..that silent rage is human pain..
    Rage is beautiful when expressed without harm..
    But rage directed as harm..
    Is the most dangerous of human be..i know…
    TG..i always avoid the human kind of rage..i exert physically..
    rather than ever keeping it inside..the time bomb..of violence awaits those…
    who repress the emotion of rage…always..i think…sooner..or

  4. You aced it with this one, Bill–I got angry just reading your words.

  5. Silent rage, the most unsettling. So many forms of rage, so many that are devastating. Powerful stanzas. Wonderful closure bill.

  6. silent rage is harder to deal with than one who loses it

  7. rage is silence…i think that there are some things we should get a bit more fired up over and rage on into the night….on the other hand we have to keep anger in check at times…..

  8. Rage is powerful…until we learn to diffuse it; the smashed phone dangling got me…well writ.

  9. the second stanza and the last line both speak volumes to me. “rage” on.

  10. This is so powerful Bill. Rage in many forms. I think you really used metaphors effectively here: clenched fist, words like daggers, broken things, the wall of silence after the shame.

    • Thanks Lupita – isn’t it odd that rage is generally inspired by fear and hurt in the person who rages.

  11. Silent rage – now that is scary ala Hannibal Hector

  12. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    I think I was born standing up, pissed off at somebody; anger management has been a life-long goal & struggle for me; my wife, as well, saved me, learned to defuse rage with humor, logic, gentleness; she also taught me to be a better listener, which helps my writing immensely.

  13. Rage is something that no one should have to live with. If I had to choose I would opt for the cold silent rage providing the person spent most of his time away from the house preferably with a view to permanency !

  14. I get a clear sense of rage Bill from each stanza. The images I connect with even. Well done.

    • Thanks – strong emotions lend themselves to metaphor

      • You have done very well Bill.

        • that was a decade in my life as a young man – my wife saved me

          • Well as they say Bill behind every good man is a better woman. I am happy for you. You grew up mate.

            • ha ! maybe next year for growing up ๐Ÿ˜‰ – though it is hard to believe I was born mid last century

              • Growing up is a life long task. Good people have come from mid last century, me as well. Saying that makes me feel even older.

                • If you ever come by Chicago let me know – maybe you can stop by for a cup of tea ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • Well I am coming to the US this year but not to your part, maybe my next trip. Thank you for the offer though, you come to Australia you will be welcomed for the same.

                    • One never knows… Jan and I are planning on spending three months or so traveling in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji around July 2015.

                    • Well I will be here then I hope. I live to the north of Sydney about 2-3 hours.

  15. your last line really caught me. Sometimes silent rage is more terrifying than the loud kind.

  16. That final line seals the deal – rage, cold rage is something that scars and scares. So well done.

  17. I like the different facets of rage, specially the last one ~ Rage is silence ~

  18. Powerful closing line, such a stark (and icy) contrast to the rather fiercely passionate manifestations of rage in your other stanzas.

  19. Ah.. and yes that final one.. rage is silence… the ultiimate killing silence… when all communcation is broken, the telephone lines rippoed loose.. the silence … chilling.

  20. rage is red…i would agree… so much explosive energy – you use vivid images to describe it…my fav being the phone smashed and dangling from the wall as an image for how rage makes conversation impossible…

  21. I enjoyed your poem, Bill! We have all felt one of the kind of rages you describe or encountered it in others. Great closing line!

  22. Whew, you have really painted the face of rage. Vivid writing in each stanza; and truly I think that one of the worst kinds of rage to endure is that STONY silence that goes on and on and on!

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