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dverse poem –

March 18, 2014

who does she wait for
so gentle and pure
soon to be a woman
stepping graceful and sure

she watches the meadows turn green, amber, brown
holding a love she feels blessed to have found

she waits for a soldier
who passed over the sea
but left her with a promise
of life rich and carefree

she watches the meadows turn green, amber, brown
waiting on a love she can never set down

how long will she wait there
by the waters of blue
for her soldier so fine
that her heart has stayed true

she watches the meadows turn green, amber, brown
white hair in the wind as the sun settles down


From → dverse, poetry, romance, song

  1. a lifetime apparently…that is how long she will wait. a beautiful and touching story.

  2. Love and longing…good one. Wonderful use of colors.

  3. This is tender and sad. How long can one wait for her love to come back?

    • I guess it depends on the love, but maybe it was freedom from attachment which is it’s own curse, or blessing.

      Thanks for your comment

  4. beautiful rhythm and colour

  5. Nicely done–sometimes love gets a hold of us and won’t let go. The form worked so well with the subject, reminded me of many old ballads of pining for lost love.

  6. Beautifully written ballad… the changing colors of seasons, the white hair of years and refrain reveals the longing.

  7. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Your dabbling is dynamic; part sonnet, part ballad, part dirge–it brought to mind THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN, & all the ladies who waited & pined away for their lover in the armed services; nice use of the prompt.

  8. You filled in the story with each color…made it even more vibrant with your words.

  9. biggerthanalasagna permalink

    What a wonderful story within this poem. It does feel like a song, folk or country.

  10. Oh gosh…she waited so long. Excellent storytelling, Bill…that white hair at the end really got me. I don’t think I would ever want to be so consumed by another…

    • No, I believe we can have more than one great love if we dare love greatly. But when I asked who she was, and why she had her head bowed this is the story she told 🙂

  11. such a beautiful, sorrowful poem. I’ll agree with the others…the refrain worked very well with this!

  12. I true sense of longing in this bw…nicely writ, the refrain really works.

  13. This poem is gorgeous!

  14. I liked the idea of a chorus between verses, well done and sad as well.

  15. A long wait – especially if it is for a soldier off to war.

    Well written, Bill – good one!

  16. So sad, but so very well done.

  17. So beautifully sad…. well written, indeed.

  18. Laurie Kolp permalink

    So sad… I hope her soldier comes back soon.

  19. Very sad to think about the long wait. So hard when one has to wait until one has the white hair. Sigh.

    • I like to think that the painter – who painted her alone passed a harsh sentance on her tale.

  20. How beautiful. Even without the representation of the art, I was able to see and wouldn’t be surprised to be able to go to her blog and figure out which picture you used.

  21. Nice use of colors that show time passing. White hair is a long wait!

  22. So sad she waited in vain! It made me think of a short story I read with my students where waiting leads a young woman to lose her head.

  23. oh i do hope he returns soon… it’s so tough to wait and wait and never be sure if he comes back at all..

    • I wrote it as a folk song – maybe he came back to find her, but she was trapped in the picture – but I think he didn’t come back – he was distracted and forgot his promise or perhaps was unable to.

  24. So sad on the long waiting till one gets the white hair ~ The refraining lines worked well ~

    Thanks for joining in ~

  25. ah.. what a poignant tale.. the white hair at the end is very moving…

  26. a bit bittersweet…to be waiting on a soldier…hoping that he is alright…that new life will rush in when he gets home…paired with the fear he will never return…and how long do you wait….sounds like its been a long wait…i like the near refrain in this.

    • thanks – in the picture Bjorn chose of the girl – she seems to be forever waiting, I suppose those caught in a painting must sacrifice time

  27. Lovely! You have a talent for writing poetry. Pretty great for a YARS guy!

    • For a long time, poetry was where I hid my feelings. I dabble a bit, but thanks you are very kind.

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