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who – poem dverse

March 13, 2014

I used to feel her heart
each contraction vibrant
a constant affirmation
I’m here, I’m here, I’m here
echoing to mine –
braille letters
fingers silently discern
hope on warm smooth skin.

Her breath – steady, gentle
as was she
Did you know you can hear contentment
in unsaid words like music,
or a dove at dawn
and her touch chases fear
turning men to heroes

No words say goodbye
but the rustle of silk shouts
and the slow painful groan of hinges
will not cloak the footsteps
echoing faint and fainter down the hall
Later in the trees nearby
an owl asks who?
I know, but wonder
if the laughter will return


From → dverse, poetry

  1. I love this. Elegant. Intelligent. Mesmerizing. Lonely. Sad. And beautiful. Reblogging you…mostly for me πŸ˜‰ Lovely blog by the way. You are truly a gift. Namaste

    • thanks T – sharing poetry is a very frightening thing, because we dare open our hearts. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Reblogged this on Coming Out Crooked and commented:
    Just. Beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful and pained words in this piece, this is memorable. Love those opening lines, how you’re expressing vibrant words of what was (“I’m here, I’m here, I’m here”), which magnify the sadness of what is.

    I’m with Bjorn & claudia on the melancholy.. of course, and I just admire the perfectly chosen words and phrases in each stanza. Very well written I must say.. smiles.

  4. So beautifully written … it’s painful when a loved one leaves. I like how you remembered the special times, hopefully softening the loss. So evocative and wonderful use of sensual imagery. Thank you for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚

    • I think the sound of love is laughter, and that when love ends, the laughter is long in returning.

  5. lovely…the sound of the opening stanza is entrancing.

    • thanks — I like that best too. It was like a sprint out of the box flying town the track… and a bit of a stumble on the second third stanzas. Maybe poetry is all about stride.

  6. Achingly soft and beautiful…like love itself; ask who? indeed.

  7. hypercryptical permalink

    This is truly beautiful – gentle rememberings’ that touched my soul. Thank you.
    Anna :o]

  8. Sadly not articulate enough to describe my feelings, only that this is precious and longing, wanting and beautiful, thank you bill.

  9. really captures the heightened senses of her leaving, the great significance of small things

  10. ..first, such an affirmation…then gone….lovely poetry..

  11. A moving little piece. Always a wrench when someone lovely in your life walks away.

  12. I like how you tied heart beats to braille letters – a metaphor within a metaphor.

    Good one, Bill πŸ™‚

  13. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    The owl frightened me, for here abouts if you hear the owl call your name, it is your time to drop out of life, to leap face-first into the dirt nap; but no, thank goodness, your poetics made a hard turn, and the romantic longing, the lover gone emerged as muse. Nice job.

  14. Very moving piece. One cannot be unaffected:

    “her touch chases fear
    turning men to heroes”

  15. If only the laughter returns. The ending is sad here! Sadly this can be real in many other circumstances where good times before are just memories now! Nicely bill!


  16. There are beautiful images in this I loved the line ‘did you know you can hear contentment..’ and the sadness that pervades the end. Excellent.

  17. you got me on the silk shouts… so beautiful and sad together

  18. The ending is painfully sad ~ Beautifully written ~

  19. mmm the wonder if the laughter returns…heavy close…full of emotion….quite an evocative piece man….ah its the unsaid words that scare me most…honestly….the words in the heart beat…the missing breathe…well played sir.

  20. Loss – the most vast void imaginable. What can you fill it with?

  21. So sadly evocative of loss, Bill. And you depicted it so well. I don’t think sight could have added anything to it!

  22. Another beauty, Bill! You are a musician on the heart’s strings!

  23. Beautiful and nostalgic words, Bill! I like your closing line, the longing, hope and memory it suggests.

  24. Such lovely imagery, Bill–and sadness as well. Beautifully written.

  25. Hearing contentment, touch that chases fear away, the groan of hinges and the owl that asks who . . . fantastic.

  26. Some beautiful lines in this poem really. I like the idea of hearing contentment in music & the rustle of silk representing good-bye. Oh, and that owl…..I hear this voice too, wondering, as only owls do!

  27. This is a one of your best Bill.. loved
    Did you know you can hear contentment
    in unsaid words ? .. and the melancholy of the steps leaving. really a great story embedded here.

  28. oh that is painful – a fine reverberating melancholy in this – and love how you zoom out and to the owl – great switch time-wise and gives it an additional dimension

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