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bee – dverse poem

March 11, 2014

How flies the bee
On paper wings
Darts the finch
To boldly sing.

Earthbound walks man
Who seeks the stars.

One praises God
For sky and land
Another builds dreams
With will and hand

just over 140 characters… sigh…


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  1. It’s a wonderful poem, Bill! I love it!
    Why sigh about just over 140 characters? ….. ?

  2. The bees paper wings were my favorite!

  3. Nice – like the contrast of man-made world and natural elements. Lovely.

  4. Surely we have lots to learn from the bee. And you inspired me to write a poem. *smile*

    I WISH

    I wish I was a bee
    and could the flower see
    from inside out. Than I
    would be another guy.

  5. great work .. lot said with so few words.. love the paper wings

  6. Hopefully one can praise God and still be a builder!

  7. I would like to be the Queen bee but am destined to be a drone worker bee…will and hand:)

  8. earthbound and pedestrian our species aims higher and higher.
    Nicely put.

  9. I really like this…the comparison of those bees in the sky and those earthbound humans…we each have our place. Very nice.

  10. Building dreams in the castles in the clouds – most do, I reckon.

  11. The contrast of bee and finch ..and that of man of God with man of work.. all are earthlings after all..bound to earth.. πŸ™‚

    • yes – one sees the bee wing as something to engineer, another sees it as a miracle of life.

  12. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    A pox on those paper wings; we fly, we build, but are we still an integral part of nature’s scheme?

  13. Especially love the tight and darting pace of that first stanza.

  14. Beautiful in its brevity…how amazing is the bee, and even more is man “who seeks the stars.”

    • thanks – I think that when each word is a valuable resource our poems often improve.

  15. it is a nice constraint though =) makes us distill the message
    bees and builders are a nice comparison

  16. This is perfectly wrought, well done! A very welcome addition to the prompt!

  17. Beautifully written specially the last stanza ~

  18. Good contrasts Bill–bee and finch; man of God and man of dreams: both earthbound in contrast to the bee and finch. Thought provoking.

  19. Great poem, love the rhythm to this.

  20. As a gardener, I am a big fan of bees… I love what you did with this.

  21. Nice compare and contrast in this .. and it flows nicely too. I can relate to both bee and man πŸ™‚

  22. from the insects to the stars – from the busy beehive maker to the God who made it all – and almost tweetable. Very lovely!

  23. nice you added some rhyme… we can’t thank Him enough

  24. Great πŸ™‚

  25. nice and lyrical…it sings…pretty amazing the bee can even fly…
    and we should be more like the bee eh? smiles..
    and not depend som much on our own will…

    • Yes, the bee reminds us of the amazing around us. I am glad you got the second meaning.

  26. This is great! You know, it really is quite a feat for a bee to fly on its paper wings, I think.
    I enjoyed the third stanza with the two kinds of man as well! The ideal would be the two combined – smiles!

  27. hmmm nice… praising god and building dreams…i love doing both…smiles…love the paper wings bee…

  28. Wendy Beach permalink

    Reblogged this on There You'll Be.

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