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nymph – poem

January 31, 2014

alluring, I think of you
in field and stream, beneath Wyoming sunset
flowing water, cold, glacier fed
where pools seem quiet and unmoving

I wait for you
bring them out from hiding here to feed
a lure this hidden hook where taste
is pain and death for you, but sustenance to me

I know he’s there
I know the hunger coursing through his heart
but hooks and line, this world
full with danger filled

we drift along through time and current
linked forever by monofilament line
until rejected I return by moonlight
canned food, restless night


From → poetry

  1. what a beautiful poem!

    i, too, would await this nymph!

    stacy lynn mar

  2. Wonderful scene where “we drift along through time and current”…my dad used to take us fishing in Colorado….brings memories of watching him fly fish with hip boots in a stream…thanks!

    • if he let you play nearby, he was a very loving man for noise and shadows can alarm the fish πŸ™‚

  3. This has a dreamy quality to it, alluring and seductive … really beautiful πŸ™‚

  4. Made me think of A River Runs Through It…” In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.”

  5. Better luck next time πŸ™‚ Great poem

  6. I spent a lot of time in Wyoming when my significant other was working there. I came to love it – except for the wind. Your poem conjures up pleasant memories of all that open space and glacier fed streams. I love the returning by moonlight.. nice image even if you are returning to canned food. πŸ™‚

    • thanks — we have a cabin in the bighorns, up by Sheridan – Hope you and you significant other are in a good place.

  7. Canned food, restless night, too bad for that ~ Just being by the river for me is enough sustenance ~ Happy weekend πŸ™‚

  8. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Love your POV…

  9. The joys of fishing, so well expressed, I liked the sense of expectation and then the reality of not catching any and a tin of baked beans? for dinner. Very good.

  10. ..the lure of fishing season….my brother can be out all day without a bite from a trout..just to be there in the quiet in a boat or by the side of the water… nice;)

    • yes – sometimes the fish are a distraction. There’s a zen to being out in the wild.

  11. Ah.. I love eating fish.. as a matter of fact the fish we had for dinner was excellent…but I think the anticipation would be too much for me.

  12. I enjoyed the river scene you portrayed, the waiting, the connection via the monofilament line, all filled with tension anticipation.

  13. hanna permalink

    that’s the kind of wordplay I love.
    Do you pronounce it -lj- or -ll-?

  14. You have captured the wait and the anticipation well…..even if the anticipation in the end is not rewarded.

  15. ha. i love a good fishing outing…and have come home empty handed plenty of times….part of the allure is just being out there…and the chase….we trade their life for ours…to fill our stomachs…hopefully we remember the sacrifice in our consumation…

  16. i like the contrast of canned food to the freedom in the water here…. makes me wanna go head for the stream..

  17. deadrifts permalink

    Reblogged this on deadrifts.

  18. I love the sense of place you create with this . . . I feel as though I’m there with a line in my hand. Especially love, a lure this hidden hook where taste is pain and death for you, but sustenance to me.

    • thanks – allure is such a fun word – don’t you find that some words just beg to be used in a poem? Even if it is “a lure” for fishing πŸ™‚

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